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Full Version: Ubuntu Server Web Interface Help???
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I just installed Kodi via the PPA thingy (sorry im kinda new to linux/ubuntu). I cannot seem to find where you enable the web interface. My Ubuntu server is just a terminal, i dont have the desktop/gui installed. I tried going to the local ip adress ( with the port that i believe is the default, 8080, but it just times out. If i can get any help enabling the web interface that would be great. I have setup Plex before, so im not a complete noob at ubuntu and stuff, but a one like command would be super amazing! Thanks!

BTW if you need any information i would be happy to provide it, i have Ubuntu 14.something, installed via an ISO burned to a flash drive, my username is justin0502, and my main directory is /home/user/justin0502... Thanks Again!

Just to clarify, i need to figure out how to access by XBMC from another machine, because it would be very hard and tedious to try to do all of that from a ubuntu terminal, i imagine. Ive heard there is a web interface, which is why i am wondering how to set it up.
Unfortunately you cannot start kodi headless at the moment and you need the GUI to enable/disable the webserver.
You will definitely need a gui to startup kodi and configure it, and therefore enable the web interface.
You can install a gui on your ubuntu server by typing: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop
then you can go graphical (might have to type: startx) and launch kodi and configure the webserver in: Settings, Services, Webserver