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Full Version: Duplicate TV Shows
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Hello there,

Recently upgraded my AppleTV 2 Black from XBMC 13.2 to Kodi 14.0 and whenever I add new episodes it adds 2 instances of the episodes, one instance does not point to the episode file and sometimes doesn't even have the right screen cap thumbnail, the other is correct. Is there anyway to fix this? I'm not using any type of SQL database to connect all my media players either. In fact my XBMC 13.2 for my Pi downstairs works perfect with the same files. So I'm curious if this is a Kodi issue. As for files being imported to my NAS, i use tinyMediaManager and that works perfect. It gives me three files for each episodes as follows:

Helix - S02E01 - San Jose (h264-480p-AAC-2ch).nfo
Helix - S02E01 - San Jose (h264-480p-AAC-2ch).mp4
Helix - S02E01 - San Jose (h264-480p-AAC-2ch)-thumb.jpg

I've also included screenshots below of what each media player looks like, one of the Pi and one of the Apple TV2 Black. And please note i've tried a "clean library" as well.

Any input would be wonderful, this seems like a simple fix/issue. I'm hoping it's on the Kodi end and the upgrade didn't reset one of my settings of some sort.

Also, while I'm at it, how do you go about upgrading a Pi with openElec XBMC 13.2 to Kodi 14.0? I've restarted it multiple times in hope for the upgrade to kick in.

My Pi which is working correct:

My AppleTV 2 Black which isn't working correct:

Thank you in advance for all your help.