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Full Version: When does Kodi read NFO files?
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Using TMM I placed two movies into a movie set. Even though I have done a library refresh, Kodi (with the default Confluence skin) shows the two movies in the library rather than showing the set. I am using a centralized MySQL database if that affects anything.

So when does Kodi read the content of the NFO file?
Only on first import to its own database.
Does not update existing movies,when you change the NFOs at a later point
It just finds not-yet-in-database movies when you click update.

You need to change the datasource's content to "none" (remove all from DB) and then back to "movie/tv/whatever", then Kodi reads the NFO again.
(Dunno if this is the same with an SQL DB in background)
that's something that bugs me too. would be nice if kodi would detect changes to the nfo files automatically.

but you can manually force Kodi to reload the NFO for a single movie / tv show episode / ...
1. click on the movie you want to reload to enter the movie details page.
2. on the bottom - depending on your skin - you will find a button called "refresh" or with a symbol looking like a not fully closed circle with an arrow head.
3. when you click on it kodi will ask you something like "NFO file found. do you really want to load info from the internet..." -> click NO
4. kodi will reload the NFO
I am facing a bit of a baffling one and not sure I understand when kodi relies on NFOs and when it doesnt..

I have some series that it simply doesnt find any ep's despite seasons and eps being there and in what appears a normal naming format.. It sees the series is there, just no eps at all..

I run TMM make NFO files sat there next to the media files.. I remove the media (none scaper) and re-import.. Exact same thing.. Done this with the scraper set to TVDB and with the scraper set to only use local NFOs..

Now I have people telling em to try other naming conventions on my files.. But if TMM found them, ID'ed them, made NFOs.. Why is the naming an issue.. Surely the NFO tells it the ep and season.. I dont want it to scrape and choose.. I want it to do what I tell it..

When (if at all) would kodi ignore the NFO ??
Did you do a TvShow -> right click -> rename inside TMM?
This perfectly renames your files and Kodi should find it...

Otherwise... please post a screenshot of your folder...
No I didnt and I will try that next. .

But isnt the whole point of NFO files that kodi doesnt need to look / think / scrape ??

Media file + NFO file = read the NFO ??
You can use a utility found here in the forum to accomplish what you want (re-scanning NFO files) - http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=158373

I am using it for exactly this purpose (among other things), which leads me to my question...

When TMM updates an NFO file (Windows 7) should the (NFO) file's modified date change? It seems that it isn't - I edited a movie, re-wrote the NFO, checked that the change that I made was in the new NFO file). But the modified date hadn't actually changed...

Since texturecache relies on that date to determine if the NFO file has changed (to rescan the item), it would be great if this worked..

<edit> - Further research - I *think* texturecache.py is actually looking at the CREATE date (not the modified date). So, maybe this is more of a feature request for TMM.. When TMM re-writes an NFO file, could it delete the original NFO and replace it with a new one, thus setting the CREATION date to the current date/time?