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can someone please tell me how to fix the new Kodi 14
the screen is of center
I have the same issue actually. I have Kodi 14 on a Sony Bravia TV.

TV Settings
Display area = Full Pixel
Wide Mode = Full

KODI System Video output
Use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen = yes
Preferred mode = "same as movie"

I've squared up in the middle and dragged top left and bottom right corners out to the edge.

All screens appear fine while browsing, however when a video is selected, the right bottom seem to be cut off. Picture fills screen, but is rather poor quality.
Try this: 213108 (thread)
thanks for your help ned scott.
when i installed kodi 14.1, jan 12, arm edition. on my matricom mbox.
now if i try to start kodi i get a blank screen & i have to turn the device of as it frezzes.
this is doing my head in.
any help would be apreciated.
BIG THANK YOU TO ALL AT KODI.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got it all working with the help of the main thread "KODI NOT WORKING" on this site.
the problems was with matricom superuser app. it was denying access to kodi, i had to delete that & install SuperSu apk..
everything working fine now.
have installed kodi 14.1
this is what i found.

Just wanted to throw this in.... for those having issues on Gbox MX2 with Kodi loading the splash screen then the screen going black but can hear the sound output on button presses and using 14.1 and up on nightly. here is what I did. Helix 14.0 stable loaded great but video playback would stutter even with accel. changes. When I changed acceleration in settings it would play smooth with no stutter but had the zoom effect like some others are experiencing. I reloaded with 14.1 jan12 stable link, kept getting blank screens after Kodi start. I did some digging and found that superuser app was blocking Kodi. I downloaded and switched over to use SuperSU. Reloaded 14.1 -RC1 from the jan 12th stable link, once Kodi installed SU granted global permissions, then went black again ***however*** after a reboot Kodi will load and run correctly AND if you set up supersu to show messages you will see just how many permissions are being granted that was being blocked by the not so tweaky superuser app. Gbox MX2 ARMv7 hardware amlogic Meson6 g02 Operating Android 4.2.2 API level 17. The only changes I made in Kodi Video settings was under Acceleration, I unchecked MediaCodec. Anyone needing any other info just pm me or ask. I usually just read and keep up with all the programmers on here as best needed trying not to interject chaos. But since I came across this problem myself and found a workaround I subscribed so as to offer my feedback. This may be something as simple as permissions being blocked. Thanks and You guys are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up. ~viper12
roofer...I read your original post about your screen being off-center as mine is the same. But in this post you mention nothing about weather you fixed the screen issue. Both my tv's are not HDMI so I have to use RCA connectors. MY MXQ android boxes came with Helix installed.I read somewhere that an upgrade would fix this problem so tonight I upgraded to Isengard 15.2....I still have screens that are off center. The video fills up the screen, but its not showing the right side of the movie or tv show. I'm about to take these boxes out with the garbage this week. Can you offer any suggestions?