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Full Version: HOW-TO fix horizontal tearing on Macs with nVidia Graphics
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To resolve the horizontal tearing that can result when playing back certain video files such as older SD files on the 2010 Mac Mini with 320m graphics, replacing the OSX driver in Mavericks and yosemite with the latest universal Nvidia drivers for the Mac Pro seems to be quite effective. Installing this driver requires a modification to the distribution file within the package to prevent it from checking the system for the correct definition and allowing it to completely install.

First, download the alternate driver for the Mac Pro Nvidia Driver for your OPSYS.

For Yosemite 10.10.1 use http://us.download.nvidia.com/Mac/Quadro....01f01.pkg
For Mavericks 10.9.5 use: http://us.download.nvidia.com/Mac/Quadro....03f01.pkg
For Mavericks 10.9.5 after the March update (13F1066) use: http://us.download.nvidia.com/Mac/Quadro....03f02.pkg
The first post of this thread also lists alternate drivers for other versions of mountain Lion and Mavericks.

Place it on the desk top and open terminal and enter the following command in order to allow it to be installed on non mac pro machines running nvidia graphics.

pkgutil --expand ~/Desktop/<file name you just placed on your desktop> ~/Desktop/WebDriver
(example: pkgutil --expand ~/Desktop/WebDriver-334.01.03f01.pkg ~/Desktop/WebDriver)

Open up your newly created folder 'WebDriver' on your desktop and search for the distribution file, edit with TextWrangler/Text Edit and change var found_hardware = 0 to: var found_hardware = 1

Now that we have made the edit, need to repackage the installer. Remove the original .pkg from your desktop and type:

pkgutil --flatten ~/Desktop/WebDriver ~/Desktop/<orginal file name>
(example: pkgutil --flatten ~/Desktop/WebDriver ~/Desktop/WebDriver-334.01.03f01.pkg)

You have now edited the .pkg installer to prevent from checking if you have the correct system definition!

Hope this helps. It totally cured the tearing issues for us on all our 2010 mac minis whether running mavericks or yosemite.

Turning off "adjust video refresh rate to content frame rate" for me also greatly reduced tearing in older 480p content.

If even this fails to remove the tearing, enabling a momentary VNC connection (screen sharing) with the mini from an iPad or another mac computer will also remove the tearing.
Thx for the findings and the writedown Smile
AudioMixer let me just say one thing! You are a f**** genius!!!!
I don't know why but since yesterday after upgrading to 10.10.2 I have noticed that these horribale problem has returned and just before i thought to do upload the machine from backup i noticed your post, tried it (with a new PKG file for 10.10.2) and TA DA! its a miracle!
Thank you! you are an Angel
LioNeo, thanks!
Hi, quick question. I see this horizontal tearing on my Late 2012 Mac Mini. When I look at hardware in About This Mac it says my graphics is Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB.

Seeing that I assume I do not have nVidia graphics. Is there a solution for this tearing with what I have?

I have a late 2012 too and no tearing - ensure that vsync is enabled in kodi settings
HEY! I think that fixed it. vsync was disabled. Looks good so far. Much appreciated!!
Hi! I have MacMini 2010 middle and 10.10.3 OS. I downloaded driver http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverRes...3799/en-us and completed all steps with this file (replaced var found_hardware = 1). After all system always shows that this file does not support Yosemite 10.10.3. What am i doing wrong?
Hi, has anyone had success with the new driver for 10.10.3 (http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverRes...3799/en-us)? I have a great setup but tearing started in the latest Kodi version for me. Not really comfortable messing with my OS X installation unless I know the driver works. Smile
i hadn't. Use momentary VNC connection, works.
The momentary VNC connection works well. Even with the updated driver, I have still seen tearing and the VNC connection straightens it out.
Check out the link below to fix the not compatible issue with these drivers. I did this on my Mavericks install with positive results.
So called "Security Update 2015-002" from today will purposely break nVidia drivers!
Hi there. I installed the latest driver version for 10.10.5 http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverRes...9538/en-us (no more editing of the distribution file necessary) on my late 2009 Mac mini, but the vertical tearing remains. If V-sync is enabled it is a lot better, but some light tearing still appears on the top 5% of the screen. Enabling "adjust display to match video" removes the tearing, but then audio is massively out of sync (1-2 sec). "Sync playback to display" made no difference.
Is this an issue with OS 10.11 and kodi 15.2? I'm considering upgrading my 2010 Mac Mini.
I went ahead and installed KODI 15.2 and left the operating system alone (10.7.5) Works great. I guess the best part for me is the ability to play AAC 5.1 as DD 5.1 instead of 2 channel, like it was using XBMC 12.2. I think I'll leave the operating system alone until support for 10.7 is dropped.
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