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Full Version: Play Personal Music Library
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Trying to find a way to play my own music library with KODI.. don't want to stream anything.. Got way to much music and I am not really into this new stuff.. So is there an add-on that I can just play stuff locally??

That would be fine if I didn't have limited space on my KODI system.. it creates a DB which is bound to suck up space.. I have well over 10,000 songs
any other ideasHuh
I wouldn't worry about that. I have even more music and on no system have I had any difficulties with the size of the database created by Kodi.
Is your music on a network drive? That's where I store mine and then I just access it via SMB. It's easy to setup.

MUSIC > Files > Add Music... > Browse

Then just select SMB and find the drive that stores your music

SMB is just a sharing protocol so it won't waste your limited space

Or if it is on a UPnP device you can choose to share via UPnP rather than SMB

You could also upload your music to something like Google Music and then use the Google Music add-on to access it