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That sky epg data...jesus. It's almost needed to read a bible to find out which teams are playing.
Thanks for the links, I'll figure something out from it.
Maybe this could be useful too...


...amazing work, btw... congratulations, it looks great!
this is where we get our sched for NRL http://www.theroar.com.au/rugby-league/nrl-fixtures

EPG it is not
Have you also looked at this one, probably yes, http://www.getyourfixtures.com/
Or is this info already in and is EPG just the next step?
(Or do you only want to be dependent on first sources of info)
Guys I asked for epg data not sites to get fixtures. I also know where to look for that data.
I am looking for epg data, which means the info on the livetv section of Kodi while watching a match. Both title and description.
Zag and ovokx provided for UK and spain. I already have the portuguese one. If you can get more countries it would be cool
http://www.webgrabplus.com/epg-channels is this better? 60+ countries.
Hey guys,

This is how the events will look like in the addon library. At the moment it doesn't work yet with motorsports, just with sports in which 2 teams are involved, as for example soccer.


Big List View:

Bannerview: (fallback is done to badge vs badge if $banner is not available


Again and as usual, far more work than I expected. Comments appreciated.
Wow! Great work! I think that the infoview will be my default one Big Grin

PS: Just one comment about this view, I think that it's not necessary to also display the event name on the info side (right section) because you're already seeing it on the left side (as your selecting it) and will avoid the scrolling text
Hum, it makes sense. Also I should be presenting the season somewhere, big fail Tongue

PS: Removed it for inforview, I'll left it in bannerview since the goal of the view is to present the banner.
Not sure if his is what you're after but I use mc2xml to get EPG data for NextPVR.

Was also hoping that in the Library if you haven't watched a game yet it would be great to not see the score so it doesn't spoil the game.
Yes that one I want as well:




As for the epg stuff I want the text that show in the title or description when a football match is on. So I can check which formats "home vs away" is presented, grab both, and call the event details while watching a match if you click on a key. Something like extended info but for sports. Also I won't loose time grabbing epgs with epggrabber or others. If you guys want the functionality to work then you must provide me data. My interest is that the functionality works for me, I don't realy care if it works for others. Specially if to make it work I have to do more than read examples.
Ahhh i see... Okay well here's an example from my experience.

mc2xml grabs my EPG info from Microsoft and the main title of an NRL match is "NRL Rugby" Then in the info/sub-title is just something like "NRL Rugby Parramatta Eels vs. Manly Sea Eagles: From Manly Stadium" So not much info given at all from there for NRL.

Do you mean when you're watching a live match. It will check the EPG info to find out what live match you're watching. Then call for the info corresponding to that match from the SportsDb site?

Do you just need examples of what EPG titles and info look like for different sports? If you like I'd be happy to get some examples for different sports on my EPG.
Yes but will only work for soccer because that is the only sport we have live info. For instance a few days ago I was watching the liverpool game and my brother asked me if markovic was playing. If that functionality was implemented I could just press a key on my remote, the addon would find I was watching the liverpool game and would bring me the lineups. He was on the bench Smile

Edit: see below (this match is live at the moment)


Okay.. I got it! Yeah free live/dynamic info sites for most sports don't exist. But I love the way this is looking! Might have to permanently switch to Aeon Nox soon.
Motorsport events also working Big Grin

watch gallery
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