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Full Version: Unnamed/Sports Center - Sports for Kodi
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The 2nd link to the scraper supports all sports.

The first link is Soccer specific because thats the only sport that supports live scores. I'd be willing to add livescores for other sports if people can find a nice RSS or XML feed.
I was hoping the sports centre would allow a nice interface for F1



That sports centre add-on stopped working two versions of kodi back.
Hopefully one day yeh. I think Enen decided to separate out the sports into specific add-ons but only soccer was completed.

This add-on worked quite well at one point.

Personally for F1 I now use the sports tv scraper.
I am using Kodi, Plexus and Acestream on my FireTV Stick. It is working so far but is there a way to change the live buffer and stuff? Cant change anything when I go to apps (not in Kodi) and select Ace Stream Engine and settings. Cant change the liver buffer it is stuck at 10s Sad

Any way to change that plz? Thx

Edit: ok version 3.1.5 was the prob, works with 3.1.11 now Smile But it always seems to go back to 60s which is unfortunate if that is the maximum?! I go up to 150s and start Kodi immediately. Fingers crossed its really 150s Smile
I got quite jealous of the Media Portal Sports plugin that I started taking a look at resurrecting this Add-on, no small feat for a novice python developer Smile

But I have got the main screen back working on latest Kodi 'Leia' Nightly. Hopefully I will be able to fix the other screens as well!

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