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(2015-02-12, 01:35)enen92 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-02-11, 21:08)enen92 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-02-11, 20:20)zag Wrote: [ -> ]I'm getting a blank page when I click on a league, is that supposed to be happening?

Using Aeon nox 5

Nop it's supposed to navigate to league view /league plotview by default. Probably a bad installation.
I'll create a repo tonight to make this easier. Also I'm shipping a fanart per sport which makes the addon zip huge in size

Here is the repository I'll use until this is finished:


I'll push updates there often but not so often as github


Perfect Enen92
What I have found that the skin CONFLUENCE not just go well.
In contrast with the skin MIMIC if

In CONFLUENCE to enter the sections exit the application and return to the application menu XBMC

Tested on 14.0 HELIX (Windows 7)
Ahh ok I was testing with confluence, thats probably the error.
Ah I see. This new dialog is not yet made for confluence. It's a pain in the back to port it as confluence is 720p. Terrible boring work.
But I'll do it soon. I'll probably make the team view before.
Ok, so I spent "a bit..." of time adding all the jerseys clearart to thesportsdb.com. All teams have a jersey now.

Pushed an update to the repository (version 0.0.07) that implements a jersey view into dialogteam.xml. This is only available yet for Nox and Mimic.I'll port it to confluence once the dialog is "finished".

Some screenshots:





This view can be activated if you click on teams several times (Badgeview -> JerseyView -> BadgeView) or directly in the sidebar as you change any other view in kodi.

Hope you guys enjoy. If you're football fans, have a great footy weekend.
Huge work! Wink
NICE!!! I have an AFTV, how can i install this when its out
(2015-02-13, 23:25)allen1013 Wrote: [ -> ]NICE!!! I have an AFTV, how can i install this when its out

When this is out I hope it will be in the official repository.
Until it is not finished there's a third-party repository I'm using to share updates. Install it like any other addon/repo. It's somewhere in my latest posts.
BTW, please have a look at basketball results because they are not displaying correctly (maybe the field is limited to single digits?)

Yeah I've noticed that before, that control has to be a bit wider
I can offer you to extend my NHL Videocenter Add-on. Every match has a short video and the XML interface is pretty good, so i don't need much additional info. Could you give me infos on that?

I see some troubles with the subfolders on the left hand side. Most video add-ons have more than just a list of videos, so navigation could be troublesome. I see why you went for that approach, but don't you think that an other solution would be better?

Anyway, I could integrate two german sites into that too.
Would be awesome to eventually add some sort of fantasy sports section where you can add your roster.
what do you mean with "fantasy sports"?
(2015-02-15, 13:08)Ovokx Wrote: [ -> ]what do you mean with "fantasy sports"?
Something like a fantasy sports team. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantasy_sport
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