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Full Version: Unnamed/Sports Center - Sports for Kodi
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Great work enen92 Smile
Btw i did folow this in the other place Wink
Started working on team navigation:


Bravo Enen !!
Some other developments:

1) "Finished" stadium dialog (still missing the control to make the thumb fullscreen)


2) Videos section is mapped to the correct team official youtube channel. Make sure you fill the youtube url in the database!


3) Next matches for teams is also almost there having the fifa 15 dialog (I posted some weeks ago) as a basis.


That's all for today. This takes so much time.
Always open to suggestions though.
Man i wish i had your patience Smile
(2015-02-17, 01:24)superceleron Wrote: [ -> ]Man i wish i had your patience Smile

ahah u also have a lot with those custom roms Smile
Hope your wife is okay and that it was nothing more than a fright.

Take care mate
(2015-02-14, 22:52)membrane Wrote: [ -> ]I can offer you to extend my NHL Videocenter Add-on. Every match has a short video and the XML interface is pretty good, so i don't need much additional info. Could you give me infos on that?

I see some troubles with the subfolders on the left hand side. Most video add-ons have more than just a list of videos, so navigation could be troublesome. I see why you went for that approach, but don't you think that an other solution would be better?

Anyway, I could integrate two german sites into that too.

Sorry for the late reply, this thing has been stoling me all my kodi dedicated time.
What solution do you think that could be better?

I still do not know how I should move for external plugins. Pulsar for instance use scripts named script.pulsar or something similar and grab the available installed scripts this way. I would better prefer external plugins to import "sportscenter" in the addon.xml and detect them this way.
Still have to think a lot about this
Some news about my progress. Decided to focus only on aeon nox 5 at first and will port it to mimic and confluence later. It's a waste of energy to be replicating stuff 3 times while coding the main part of the addon.

That being said, Already finished the team details dialog (similar to video info). It can be accessed from "View Team Details" on the Team dialog:


And presents the team performance, next match, details and artwork:




Team news/feed parser is also implemented and working fine for NHL/NBA/Premier league:


Looking good, pretty good!
Looks awesome, can you commit the aeon screen files to the repository sometime so we can check it out Wink
Yeah this weekend maybe. Navigation is still mouse only and some things are yet to be finished. I'm working now on getting the teams twitter feeds (and later players) on the big screen.
Twitter done as well.


This one took a bit of time. If anyone is willing to do the same, here's python-twitter packaged for kodi as a script.module:

Ok, pushed an update to the repository.

version 0.0.10
-Fixes a few navigation issues
-Implements further navigation to teams with fixtures,latestmatches,team details,twitter feeds,youtube,rss news feeds, stadium
-News feeds and videos also implemented for leagues

Better way to test this is with the premier league, portuguese primeira liga or la liga teams. Motorsports might have issues in the teams dialog

Unfortunately, it will only work for aeon nox and I blocked the addon to start only on nox until it is a bit more completed.

script.module.feedparser (official repo)
script.module.twitter (in the sc repository)
script.module.thesportsdb (in the sc repository)

Hope you guys enjoy and help filling the missing data!
Simply amazing! So much data and views there Smile

Works well.
(2015-02-22, 12:22)zag Wrote: [ -> ]Simply amazing! So much data and views there Smile

Works well.

There's a problem in the database with the latest imported results which is breaking the results dialog (I mean for soccer). All yesterday games were imported with a result 'None-None' so, a bit difficult to know who has won Smile
I filled the Benfica result myself, do not know if that was what broke it or simply there's no data on the api you're getting the info from.

In the meanwhile, players dialog is also "designed", I'll get it to work and commit in the afternoon

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