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Full Version: Unnamed/Sports Center - Sports for Kodi
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This is the addon I've been working on during the last weeks. Its main goal is to bring to kodi the same experience we currently have with movies and tvshows but...for sports.
The addon is work in progress and it appears as a result of the developments on thesportsdb.com.

At the moment only the main menu and leagues list views are implemented. The reason I'm sharing this so early is to make you aware of the existent database and to motivate you contribute, upload high quality artwork and/or improve the existing one.

The addon is skin dependent! Supported skins:

-Aeon Nox 5

I won't probably add any other skin until it is well developed (or even ever). Other users/devs are free to port to other skins.

Known bugs:
-Side panel in confluence is not finished which makes the mouse navigation a crap
-Some keys are not mapped (example escape)
-Main menu in mimic is not centered
-A background is missing in leagues so if the artwork is still loading you'll see the program addons menu
-Top bar is not implemented in any skin
-Not really a problem but at the moment everyone is named enen92 and support Benfica Smile
-Save views is not implemented


Install all add-ons from this repository:

Note this is very early development.


watch gallery

Aeon Nox:
watch gallery

watch gallery

Sources on my github:

Note this will take loads of time to be finished.
I really like the look of this. Good luck with getting it finished, looks like it could be an absolutely awesome addition to Kodi
enen92, if you want to test/create a team view, Real Madrid squad has currently all the info, thumbs & fanarts entered on the db Wink
Gave it a quick go on Aeon nox 5 but the screens are messed up.

Do I need to do anything special for it to work?
Can u post a screenshot?
Nevermind, got it working fine with latest Aeon 5 Wink

Works well!
Just a small thing, but on github its better to have the add-on files in the root so people can download it and install directly from zip.

Otherwise working well Smile

Another thing I noticed was It doesn't save the view yet. I prefer the icon view myself.
Yeah the save view option is not implemented but I'll do it soon (added to the know issues list). As for github it's too early yet so I don't want many people using this.
I'll implement your change to the script.module.thesportsdb though Smile Later on for the other one

A few updates on what I'm working on:

Hmm League tables.... Wink Might have to start working on that!

I've made those other API requests you asked for (lookups by ID) on thesportsdb forum.
Is this addon going to let us set favorite teams so we can get notifications of: latest scores from games in progress, alerts for an upcoming game, etc?

Will it also incorporate MMA leagues such as UFC?
Nicely done. I'll try to port it to Aeon MQ5/MQ6
(2015-01-28, 02:21)schumi2004 Wrote: [ -> ]@enen92
Nicely done. I'll try to port it to Aeon MQ5/MQ6

happy to read that! Big Grin
(2015-01-28, 02:21)schumi2004 Wrote: [ -> ]@enen92
Nicely done. I'll try to port it to Aeon MQ5/MQ6

Happy to read that too Smile Aeon MQ is definetely a good skin (heavy/art based) for this addon.
Please try to port it only when the addon is finished/more developed. Until we reach there the dialogs might change a lot.

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