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Full Version: No longer connects after setting static IP
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Hi all,

Very new to all this so please be gentle.

Every time I restart Kodi my phone needs to add a new host to be able to be used as a remote control. I assume this is because kodi gets a different ip address every time it starts.
To try and stop this I tried to make it a static IP by following the instructions HOW-TO:Keep_static_IP (wiki)

Now when i start up i get the message "waiting for network cofig" then "starting without full connectivity" (or similar words!)

I tried to reset /etc/network/interfaces back to the original file which i believe should be
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

However i still get the connection error. I can't connect to anyof my network shares either.

Please help, i'm running Kodi 14.04 install on an old laptop along side ubuntu.
I've managed to reset the interfaces file and everything is now working again.

So it's back to the original problem of having to set up the remote control on my phone every time the ip of the kodi laptop changes.

For now I've managed to set the router to alway give the laptop the same ip (but I can't choose that ip) we'll see how that goes...
Zeroconf? Or reserve the IP on the router instead of the HTPC?
I got similar problems...

Added a line containing: dns 'ip-to-router'

fixed it.. so the file has to look like:

Quote:auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Be aware you have to change the entries matching to your network
Thanks for the suggestion folks.

I'm struggling to reserve the IP on the router it's a technicolour tg582n from PlusNet. The closest I can see is to "always give this IP to this device" which does work, but doesn't allow me to choose my own IP. Not sure what you mean by Zeroconf? I have zeroconf enabled (I think you have to to get the remote to work at all?)

After adding my DNS address, kodi then connected to everything perfectly. However the IP address as reported by system info was NOT what the address I added to the interfaces file?

After having a little more thought...

I believe I may be setting the IP for my wireless connection, but then connecting with ethernet? Could that be why my IPs are different? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

I will investigate further when I get home later.
Zeroconf (also called Bonjour by Apple) is a way to identify devices without using the IP address. For example, I can connect to my laptop using neds_laptop.local instead of using on my local network. On Ubuntu, this should be installed and enabled by default, and Kodi will use it by default when the webserver and remote options are enabled.

What OS does your phone run, and what remote app are you using?
My phone is android 4.4.2 and the remote app is Yatse.

Didn't get a chance to play last night so I'll report more tomorrow (hopefully!)