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Full Version: Audio quality compromised when connected to Bluetooth headset.
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I have a wireless Bluetooth headphone which I use with my Macbook Pro.

Kodi down-samples the audio when it's outputting audio to it (everything sounds perfectly fine when the same headphone is connected through the 3.5mm jack).

I don't have this issue when watching the exact same video files with the same headphones using another software (like VLC or MPlayerX) -- however, I do notice that there is a noticeable lag when I launch or pause/play the video when the audio is output to the bluetooth headphone (there is no such lag when it's connected through the 3.5mm jack). I don't mind the lag, but I do mind the lower audio quality.

Is there a way to tell Kodi to act like the other players (compromise on performance and preserve quality)? I've messed around with the Audio output settings in System, but I don't know what I'm doing and after getting no results, I decided to reset to the defaults and ask someone here.


EDIT: I might need to add that the video library is stored on an external hard drive connected to my router, which is probably why there is a lag.
go into Settings -> System -> Audio output and set it to "Fixed" at 44.1
Well, that solved the issue. Thanks.
That was exactly my problem too, thanks for the help Ned :-)