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Full Version: plasma screen saver on firetv?
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I have been running kodi or xbmc for years on linux. I recently replaced an older box with an amazon firetv. I noticed it only has a couple screensavers on it. Is it possible to install the plasma screen saver on the fire tv? If so where do i download it from? Thanks
I think a few of the screen savers are basically binary add-ons, so they need to be ported or otherwise adjusted to run on different platforms, like ARM/Android. I think it's the same situation as music visualizations, where ARM only has a few choices right now. I think there's been some interest in working on this for ARM platforms, but I'm not sure if anyone is actively working on this or has plans to do so in the near future.
oh, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much.
I know that for the visualizations, I have the same "wish" .... I believe it has to do with the fact that the visualizations like Milkdrop are using DirectX, for which there is no support on Android (AFAIK). OpenGL is what's used on Android, and while there IS an app (ProjectM i believe it's called) for Android, it's not been successfully integrated with Kodi yet. But I for one am holding out hope Smile With more and more android boxes (Android TV Nexus Player, Amazon Fire TV, Ouya, etc), I'm hoping more devs will jump in and help with this.... so here's to holding out hope!
I'm pretty sure that's not the issue as they all worked on linux which used opengl. I think the first responded was probably right about binary issues
Ahhhh. Good point. Thanks for correcting. So, assuming they are binaries, do we have any more/less hope of those eventually working on android?