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Full Version: scrape movies in VDR subdirectories
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This is driving me nuts:

I have build a headless VDR-Server based on Ubuntu server 14.04 with VDR and VNSI-plugin from yavdr-repos.

As you know VDR-recordings are saved with two subdirectories: first showing only the film title, second the recording date an time and in this subfolder the ts-recording file (0001.ts ...) is saved.

With this order, no films are scraped, as the scrapers suspect the file in the first folder beneathe the folder with the film title to be scanned (recursive scanning in the scarpers settings makes no difference).

The hints I read were scraping the recordings folder in Kodi/XBMC (pvr://recordings), but this assumes (I guess) that the files are stored on the same machines as Kodi, not on another server.

Could anyone help, please?
Is it the wrong question or the wrong forum?
solution can be found here (though it's in German):