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Full Version: Hotlinks to various Hardware threads (updated May 2018)
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It's the same as the "Play".
Intel NUC - Braswell - 227882 (thread)
@zag, I also suggest adding minix: 196670 (thread)
Could add this to your list:
258088 (thread)

According to Intel this is their Gen6, but would be Gen7 on your list.

EDIT: Correct thread to be would 228464 (thread)
Sure done.

Seems the merge, changed the thread id :/

258088 (thread)
I also suggest adding Mad Catz Mojo. http://madcatz.com/mojo/

It plays up to 4k H264, though limited to 24Hz at 4k
Plays HEVC up to 1080p

Its cheap on ebay now.
I have this system. Great little Box. In which forum can this be discussed?
i would write 1st Post like:

Intel Core i
Intel NUC 2015 - Skylake (6th Generation CPU) - 258088 (thread)
Intel NUC 2014 - Broadwell (5th Generation CPU) - 214018 (thread)
Intel NUC 2013 - Haswell (4th Generation CPU) - 176718 (thread)
Intel NUC 2012 - Ivy Bridge (3rd Generation CPU) - 140534 (thread)

Intel Atom
Intel NUC 2015 - Braswell - 227882 (thread)
Intel NUC 2013 - Bay Trail - 187433 (thread)
Thanks -DDD-, i've been meaning to sort that out for ages.


@allesmojo, only threads that have multiple interest will get in the 1st post. I will wait until there is a long enough discussion thread before adding.
I'd also remove VidOn... that thread linked to is for a box no longer sold (and support abandoned), and the whole GPL/trademark mess.
258707 (thread)

250284 (thread)

Vero 2
254304 (thread)
Updated again with newest models.
Added the Sony and Philips TVs to the list as these are running Android TV
Added Intel Compute stick
Raspberry Pi 3 added, as surely going to be a popular device.
I am a big fan of intel products so I would always go with intel!
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