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Full Version: Kodi hangs when selecting channel list while loading channels
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I am using Kodi 14/helix on Windows 8.1 x64 and a Debian Linux x64 server running tvheadend 3.9.2400. Both machines are reasonably quick computers with dual core processors 3GHz+.

When I boot my Kodi machine, it starts loading the channel list and the guide, first from its own database, and then it imports that data from the tvheadend backend. That's what it says in the Kodi notifications.

This takes 30-40 seconds. I have 800 channels on the satellite, mostly with EPG data. I expect that if I disable many channels in the backend (obviously I only watch a minor amount of those) it would be quicker, but I hope that's not necessary.

I have one problem: when I select the 'live tv' section (or DVR, or whatever the skins call it), be it either the channel list or the EPG, Kodi hangs if it hadn't finished loading its channels from the database yet. I then have to reboot the machine to use it again. It happens in both the Confluence and Aeon MQ5 skins, so I guess it's either Kodi itself or the HTS tv plugin. This is counterintuitive and thus not very user friendly. Sometimes I myself forget it which is annoying but my own fault, but I definitely cannot expect guests to assume this behaviour.

Is this normal and expected? Can I prevent it somehow?
If this is abnormal then I'll try to generate some logs.

Otherwise tvheadend and Kodi mostly work great!
I have also seen this behavior with Kodi Helix.

The strange thing is, I only have about 100 channels on my backend, but the Linux version of Kodi seems to take forever to load them. On my OS X box, however, Kodi loads them all in under a second. Granted the OS X box has newer/faster hardware but it's not THAT much faster, at least I don't think it is.

Can't understand why the Linux version is so slow in comparison.
I'm seeing this exact behavior. I'm on MythTV PVR client with a 0.27 backend. I have 160 channels and it gets halfway and it restarts the UI. I tried disabling the GetChannel icons but no change.
The same behavior with xvdr and iptvsimple. It does not hang, but channels loading takes too much time.
Yes I've seen this, if my memory serves me correctly I disabled Weather showing on the main Kodi GUI screen.

Or I may have toggled the Asychronous Transfer setting in the new PVR.tvh addon's settings.