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Full Version: Can't get scraper to recognize TV Show, but pretty sure I followed all the steps
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I have a series called "Fawlty Towers" in my TV Shows library, and I can not get the TVDB scraper to recognize it. My file structure is as follows:
"FAWLTY_TOWERS (1975)/Season 1/S01E01.mp4"
"FAWLTY_TOWERS (1975)/Season 2/S02E01.mp4"

I checked on the TVDB website and they do have the series listed with the same spelling, starting in 1975, and having 2 seasons. I don't get what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?

I'm using raspbmc on a raspberry pi b+, and the yatse remote app.
Same spelling, but maybe the underscore is throwing TVDB off? I've found that when TVDB wants "exact spelling" they mean exact. Smile
Remove the year.
Yes, removing the year worked.

I had read the rules: "For the default TVDB scraper this may mean including the year of release, e.g. Castle (2009) (in cases of duplicate titles)," and assumed I could always add the year and it would ignore it if not applicable.

Only add the year if it is part of the name on tvdb. There is only one (and IMNSHO will only ever be one!!!) fawlty towers, so no year is needed. Even if they remade it (sacrilege) the new one would be fawlty towers (2015) on tvdb and the old one would stay as is.