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Full Version: How is radio being received in "Some New Year Community Updates 2015 (part 2)"?
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I was reading the article, Some New Year Community Updates 2015 (part 2) at http://kodi.tv/some-new-year-community-u...15-part-2/ and it says this:

Quote:Radio RDS support

PVR currently supports listening to radio stations with tuning to the channel you want. With RDS (Radio Data System) it’s possible for PVR add-ons to extract the RDS data feed from the signal and integrate this into the Kodi user interface. ..."

And they include a screenshot which shows an FM radio station being received:


It appears that in this case the audio is being streamed from a PVR backend that is using a RTL-SDR USB stick to receive local FM Radio stations. What I would like to know is, what PVR backend is capable of utilizing these tuner sticks, and how was this all set up? Because until I saw that, I had no idea that Kodi could receive "over the air" FM Radio, and if it can it would be very interesting to know which backend software permits this.

I'm currently running TVHeadEnd on the backend and if it supports such devices, it's news to me. So any details on how you made this work would be appreciated. I realize the RDS part probably isn't ready yet but that's not what I'm asking about, I'm asking how you receive FM radio in Kodi.

Note for the benefit of other North American readers: RTL-SDR sticks are primarily used for receiving DVB-T and similar television signals, which are not found in North America (The USA and Canada and several other places use ATSC). But those sticks are also useful as "Software Defined Radio" receivers. There was an article about these starting on Page 76 of the January 2015 TELEaudiovision at http://www.tele-audiovision.com/eng/TELE...ge-76.html but basically radio enthusiasts have found these small devices are an inexpensive way to receive many types of radio signals. However most of them are using specialized software for the purpose, and seeing this today was the first time I had any idea that these USB tuners could also be in some manner utilized by Kodi. But I could not find any documentation on this anywhere!