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Full Version: transparency : renaming menu titles
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os there an easy way of simply renaming menu titles ?

eg i use the word " films " instead of "movies "

( I'd like to rename this : Films HD )

cant find the option anywhere in the settings menu, I thought this would be fairly simple
No option for this, but you can always modify the .xml file by yourself. (don't forget to backup the original file, just in case...)

the word "films" isnt showing in the language file (strings.po) so you can add it to the file with free id, or just type the word "films" without using ID.
to do so, go to your skin folder, in windows:
type start-run- then: %appdata%
press enter, then: Kodi\addons\skin.transparency\720p
open the file
Includes_home.xml (with notepad or any simple text editor)
then search for:
    <include name="HomeMoviesButton">
        <item id="2">
and change "342" to other-id or just type Films instead.
then refresh the skin (by restart kodi for example) - and enjoy.

You will notice that the string will always show in UPPERCASE letters. if you want to modify this also, you can search in the same file for:
<control type="list" id="5040">
and then below you will see 3 places with:
just remove from there the uppercase tags and save. like this:

Good luck.
tomer -a big thanks, I'll give this a try!