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Full Version: this is ROCKET SCIENCE!!!
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kudos to all you brainiacs on here. I though I could pull it off but it is very hard and way too many settings. All the guides I have found online seem to be a bit different from what I have.

I had been running win7 wmc using the hdhomerun dual tuner and it worked fine and recorded my shows with a guide. The macbook pro bootcamp that was running that croaked so Im trying to use kodi on a cubox.

I ABSOLUTLY LOVE KODI and the way it plays back local mo4 files and it would be great if I could just get it to timeshift/record live tv from my roof antenna through hdhomerunHuh?

cubox i4 pro
flashed openelec 5.0.0 form their support site
internet via ethernet only

enabled addon/pvr client/tvheadend htsp client 1.9.39 frontend
set ip to same ip as in system/system info

added and enabled hdhomerun add on
HDhomerun HDHR-3
updated firmware 20141124
cat-5 to hub
HDhomerun osx sees it fine

hdhomerun add-on 4.3.2. DVB driver

added and enabled both back end and front end and was able to get on back end through a web browser but it is not the same layout as what is show in the many online guides.

I did at one point get in to the backend via a web interface but can’t anymore.

Is there any good links that show hot to do this?

Have you had a look through this thread:

thanks I'll try tomorrow when I'm back by the system but the screedshot of the headend set up is different form thatHuh That's why it is more confusing. I will post it tomorrow.
Thats because the guides are for the old tvheadend versions Smile

Simple and easy was never a goal of Kodi, till today there isn't such simple things like a setup wizard. Without guide it is nearly impossible for new users to setup Kodi.
no it aint, What version of tvheadend you using?
thanks for the reply. I will back on the system this weekend and will get the version info and try again. in the mean time I did notice that silicon dust has a newer unit http://goo.gl/FxLqX2 with DLNA/UPnP. I know I have seen something about UPnP on Kodi. Can I use this and make it easier to set up or not use headend at all?

If you have a working Windows Media Center then check out pvr.wmc in the PVR section here http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=205 it's easy to set up and works great
no my win7 bootcamp died when the laptop died and I just can't bring myself to buy another license and pc.. The cubox with linux for $133 all in is amazing. I agree wmc worked great but imho kodi is so ahead in everything else that i gotta make this work.
does the cubox deinterlace?
I don't think so directly...cubox i4pro is just serving up openelec/kodi 5 goodness. What is on top is doing the work I think...ie hrhomerun drivers, tvheadend front and back.
Please clarify as your first post is very confusing, is this what you have :

CuBox running Kodi / TvHeadend client addon, connected to <<- Mac / OSX <<-->> HDhomerun HDHR-3

Questions ?
1) What PVR Software have you got running on the OSX Mac ?
2) What PVR Client Addons have you actually installed in Kodi running on the CuBox ?


You are actually having problems because you are trying to configuring the HDhomerun HDHR-3 itself using TvHeadend instructions. This is a TvHeadend thread you are in and looks like you do not have the TvHeadend PVR server software on your Mac.

You need to pick compatible PVR backend software shown on the Silicondust webpage, and that will be MythTV on OSX.



Once this is configured get the MythTV addon for Kodi and seek help in this section of the forums:


(2015-01-30, 23:36)stuCONNERS Wrote: [ -> ]does the cubox deinterlace?
De-Interlacing Live TV in any resolution above standard definition 576i is still a work in progress on the Cu-Box....

Thanks for the previous replies. I was not clear. I had some time to work on this and I believe I have all the parts but have no idea of the correct settings.

HDhomerun HDHR-3
updated firmware 20141124
HD antenna on roof in
cat5 to router
This was working well on old WIN7 WMP but now I am trying to get it working on Cubox linux kodi.

Solidrun Cubox i4 pro v2
flashed openelec 5.0.0 linux from Solidrun support site
upgraded to openelec 5.0.2
kodi 14.1 git
kernel linux 3.1425
wired network only
cat5 to router
esata to external drive

There seems to be (4) parts to this.
1. tvheadend server backend install and kodi config
2. tvheadend htsp client frontend install and kodi config
3. hdhomerun driver install and kodi config
4. tvheadend web config

Is this correct? Is there an order these have to be installed? I can’t remember which order I used but they are all in

1. tvheadend 4.3.10
located at system/settings/add-ons/enabled add-ons/services/
Here are (2) kodi config screens.

2. tvheadend htsp client 1.9.39
located at system/settings/add-ons/enabled add-ons/pvr clients/
Here is (1) kodi config screen.

3. hdhomerun driver 4.3.2
located at system/settings/add-ons/enabled add-ons/program add-ons/
Here are (2) kodi config screens.

4. tvheadend web config 3.9.2427
Here is (1) web/chrome/osx config screen. Notice is sees the home run’s tuners but has multiple instances of them? Also note I am not logged in if that makes a difference.

Can anyone help with configuring these 4 elements?


I also have (2) PVR clients installed but I don’t think that should matter
I don't believe it is possible to have two pvr clients enabled. I suggest you disable the PVR IPTV Simple client
Have you got the backend up and running?
Could always use the vlc plugin for troubleshooting that bit.
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