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Full Version: Helix & Ubuntu , crashes to ubuntu login prompt
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Dear All,

I am using Helix under Ubuntu 14.04,

About once or twice a day, Kodi crashes, and i get thrown out to the Ubuntu login page.

I run kodi under lightdm , so not sure how i even end up at the login screen (kodi set to autostart in lightdm)

Also a side problem, is that when it crashes, it changes my audio settings, moving my passthrough device from my xonar spdif , to my nvidia hdmi.

I always have debug logging enabled, so here is a paste from my logs.

Any help is very appriciated!

Only me then? Sad
try 1909978 (post)
thanks wsnipex , trying it now!


Found out i was already using that version of the hts pvr addon, made sure to uninstall the one from the repository first.

But unfortunately its still crashing
Trying 14.1 now, hoping that will fix it
i had some luck with 14.1 , only crashing about once a week.

now upgraded to 14.2 , and its crashing constantly, just goes to the ubuntu login prompt.

Tried going up to 15.0 nightly, but here i cannot get the tvheadend addon working, so back to 14.2 again.

Cleared my logfile and played something with debug on, and it crashed after about 30 seconds, so here is full Debug Log.


any help is very very appriciated.

Post a crashlog please, it should be in your home directory, make sure to install gdb
hi fritsch many thanks for helping, here is one, not sure which version this was generated by, as i have been trying all sorts of version of kodi / tvheadend tonight to stop it crashing, but hopefully of some use.

No crashlog, no gdb installed?
Gdb is installed, does not seem to generate a crashlog when it exits to the login prompt,has Done so twice since My last post, but no new crashlog entry
then login your desktop sessions and start kodi from gdb, via: gdb /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin

set logging on rausdamit.txt

after it crashed:
thread apply all bt

now press enter as long as nothing more comes out. Then post the rausdamit.txt
Hi Fritsch,

I Upgraded to Ubuntu 14.10 , and have now not got a single crash in 4-5 days.