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Full Version: Which music service? Google? Spotify or rdio?
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I can´t decide which one to use! I´m trying out rdio right now which looks pretty nice on kodi. I would like to try google music all access on kodi but i tried it a few month back and it was totally worthless lol. Maybe it got better? And what is about the spotify addon? Did that got better?
bump, I can´t for example play full albums or playlists on rdio. It just plays one song and than stops... is this with spotify possible?
It should be possible for free Rdio users to play albums, playlists or more than one song from your personal library radio, but probably you have enabled some adblocker, and they want you to listen to one ad after each song, otherwise they will interrupt the program.

Spotify free users also get audio ads, but not as frequently, about every 10 to 15 minutes. You should be able to fully use their on-demand playback with the desktop software, on mobile devices you have to accept the default shuffle mode though or pay for Premium.

Don't know how the implementations in Kodi work or are based on.
After a year of using Spotify and Spotlight I've decided to change to Rdio. Spotify is bigger and has more albums / songs available but the addon of Rdio in XBMC/Kodi is much better!!
In Aeon MQ5 I've created favourites for my Rdio playlists and albums and changed the regular Music section with the the album section of Rdio.

Rdio needs some tweaks before working with openelec but when you'll read the forum it's quite easy!

But the only downfall of both addons is that it has been more than 6 months since the last update... For example the 'new' favourite section of Rdio is not yet implemented in the Rdio addon.