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Full Version: Arctic: Zephyr
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watch gallery


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Extrathumbs / Extrafanart
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Icons by iconmonstr.com
Some additional icons and textures by Piers.


Cant wait....Your skins always impress...
Wow ! Amazing ... Smile
Also can't wait. I use the whole time mkii.
Kickass stuff ! Wink
I love the diskart in Arctic mkii. Has this skin a similar funtion? I hope so.
I like the fact that you have taken the time to redesign the homepage. The old one was great, it's just nice to have something fresh. Great work!
Liking the look of this........ Smile
did not expect to see this when i woke up Smile

i'm curious though, will you have a homescreen reminiscent of the mkii style? by that i mean the ability for the movies section to show the 10 most recently added movies, tv shows to have 10 ongoing tv shows, etc. i haven't found another skin that does it and that's what keeps me running mkii. the first picture makes it look rather emminence-ified. while it certainly beautiful with the big fanart picture highlighting a single show i just personally think it's more functional to be able to have that list front and center.

still, i'm very much looking forward to seeing where this is going. cheers.
can't wait!!! :-)

keep'em coming.
HO yes yes yes yes yes !!!
Looking forward to this
Thanks guys! Big Grin

@allard1992 - As I'm writing pretty much from scratch, I'm looking to get the main skin finished first (all dialogs etc) before I start adding features, but its definitely something on the cards.

@furii - Once all the dialogs are skinned and I have an alpha out, then there will definitely be some home screen options - main focus is getting the whole skin functional though.
I've been using the original again lately. Two things always stand out when i use it...

1) The thing is buttery smooth, like so much more so than most skins i try. The transitions from Coverart and the like to the next item are fantastic, like a well oiled machine.

2) It presents music the best. It offers a lot of views (i'm a fan of the Panel View with the rotating cdart) and just generally seems to offer more choice.

My only *slight* issue with it is because i have a smaller screen (24"), sometimes the episodes watched/unwatched count in views like 'Wall' can be hard to read compared to the rest of the text. Or maybe i just need to purchase a much bigger screen soon Smile

Can't wait for the new version, thanks for your work on this.
i love the minimalistic clean style of your skins - this looks fabulous! Smile