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Full Version: remove Black background?
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I´ve got a question:

Is it possible to remove the black background and replace it with the Skin-Background.
I mean this Black background:

When I´m on the [..] Button (the back/previous page) button

I hope you can understand my german school englishHuhConfused

greetings from germanyWink
Hallo Mister Jay,

Kein Problem. Ihr Englisch ist besser als meine high-school Deutsch :-)

Do you mean:
- Remove the black background on the [..] button so that the skin background shows through (leaving just the outline)..
- Replace the black background on the [..] button with a copy of the skin background?

I'm guessing you mean the first one?
I think I mean the first one

Like when I'm on a TvShow folder button like the "Top Gear specials" on my picture there is a FanArt background on the Screen

But when I'm on the [...] Button the background is black
Is it possible to replace this black with the Skin Background

Not the black button
The background behind the buttonAngelWink
Ah - yes I understand.

Hmm. That might be tricky. I'll have a look and see what I can do.
Oh Ok

very nice from you
Thank youBlush
Hi Mister Jay,

The latest version on my Github should fix the problem (Kodi Helix only). I would however recommend turning the setting 'appearance->file lists->show parent folder items' off when using maximinimalism, as the back button on your remote / backspace button on your keyboard does the same job.
Ohh really great from you

I don´t know that this setting can solve this problem Big Grin