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Full Version: video playback stopping
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Hi guys, new to the forum. Anything I watch at the moment, kicks me off at random times back to the point where I can resume the movie/tv show its driving me mad. Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks
Please elaborate. Give lots of details about the issue and the steps needed to reproduce it. With this level of information I would think the most likely cause is "he has a cat and it is sitting on the remote".
I dont know what information I need to give? I click on video addons then go to watch a tv show or movie... it usually plays fine until 10-20 mins in... it will then just stop and take me back to the point where I can start it again. It happens on a few of the addons I have. Im using a wireless connection and get around 30mbps
If it's only happening with a few add-ons then it's most likely an issue with those add-ons, even if it is happening on more than one. I would contact whoever made those add-ons by finding their support threads (just google the add-on's name). The add-on author is the best person to report this to.