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Full Version: trouble getting Sixaxis controller working with 14.04
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I'm having some issues getting my sixaxis controller working with ubuntu trusty 14.04.

I've installed sixad from the ppa

the sixpair part seems to work, but after pressing the PS button I never get the expected vibrate, the lights eventually stop flashing and I have to kill the sixad

[email protected]:~$ sudo sixpair
Current Bluetooth master: 00:19:15:60:0e:d9
Setting master bd_addr to 00:19:15:60:0e:d9
[email protected]:~$ sixad --start
sixad-bin[20990]: started
sixad-bin[20990]: sixad started, press the PS button now
sixad-bin[20990]: Done
[email protected]:~$

My Bluetooth is enables and my bluetooth adapter comes up as "Broadcom Corp. Bluetooth 2.0+eDR dongle" in lsusb?

Anyone got any ideas that might help me?