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Full Version: Kodibuntu on ZBOX Nano AD10 display problem
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I used to run Kodi on my zbox nano AD10 windows based without any problems. Recently I switched to Kodibuntu and run into a few small problems. Hopefully someone can help me fix them.
First I needed to set the zoom to -4% to get the gui of Kodi to fit my tv (Sony Bravia). This setting doesn't seem to influence the playback of video so this was a minor setting and seems to fix the gui.

Now the problem that remains is that video playback doesn't seem to be scaled right. The video (in this case a series tested on win first) does fill the full width of the tv but not the height. So faces look a little weird. It isn't much. I miss about 2 cm at the top and at the bottom.
Kodi is set at 1080p 60 playback that used to work fine on windows.

Any idea how I could fix this problem or is my zbox nano just not a good fit for Kodibuntu and should I go back to windows?

You shouldn't use the zoom to fit your screen. Use the video calibration tool for that.

Settings/System#Video_calibration... (wiki)
Thanks, I will give that a go!
Tried it and fixes the GUI size, but doesn't seem to do anything to the playback...
disable overscan on _your TV_ and reset kodi's video calibration.