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Full Version: 2,000 people need help to run Kodi on Craig CVD602 TV Stick!!!
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There were a bunch of Craig Smart TV sticks sold recently on Meh.com. They are virtually useless out of the box. If somone can modify the Kodi installation so it is fully functional, there will be about 2,000 happy people who bought these. It will need to be idiot proof and easy to install for people like me. It would be a great public service as this is the place to come for help. So far, no one has been able to get Kodi to run on this stick. The program loads, then closes. The model number of this tv stick is CVD602 and I believe it has a WM8850. Many thanks for the opportunity to post here. The specs of the stick are as follows
Processing Speed 1.5GHz
Operating System : Powered By Google Android 4.1
4 GB Built-in Flash Memory
Built-in 1GB DDR III RAM
Built-in WiFi (802.11b/g/n)
Support Video Format : MKV/AVI/RM/RMVB/FLV/WMV/MP4/MPG/VOB (Up to 1080p)
Support Audio Format : MP3/WMA/WAV
Support Photo Format : JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG
Support e-Reader Format : PDF/PDF/DRM/TXT/EPUB/EPUB DRM/HTML/FB2
Supports 3D Gaming Accelerometer
Built-In Full Size USB Port for Input Device Connection
Support Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
HDMI Interface to connect to Any HDTV
Micro USB port for power Supply
Micro SD Card Slot (Supports Max. 32GB)
Supports Amazon App Store, Dropbox, Soc.io. Mall, Opera, Netflix, Browser, e-Book Reader, e-Mail, Photos, Maps, Video, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Music,Clock
Looking it up, it sounds like 2,000 people bought a lemon.
Thanks for your insight and making me feel so welcome here, maybe someone has a solution?
Sorry, no solution exists. My intention was not to attack you or anything. I'm just being blunt.

There is no way to make Kodi work on this device. The CPU inside is apparently a "non-neon" processor (WonderMedia 8850), which means it is fundamentally incompatible with Kodi's Android code. Our android devs made the decision long ago that it was not practical to support those processors.

There were a lot of red flags that should have warned those 2,000 people before buying this. Things like it being sold for about $20, it's from the Craig brand, and there are tons of negative user reviews for it. I'm sorry man, but it's a lemon.
At one point, there was a 3rd party build floating around for non-neon processor. It was for tegra 2.
You might search for "XBMC tegra 2" and cross fingers.
The non-neon version can be found here: https://nuskunetworks.app.box.com/s/37ig...krmb3rc2or

I run it on an old Tegra 2 Acer A200 and iT works fine other than the limitations of a non-neon ARM.

Third-party non-NEON builds and unofficial support for Tegra2 based and other non-NEON devices can be found on the XDA Developers forum here


However suggest that you sell it and buy a other cheap device that does actually support NEON, like the top-selling Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon_Fire_TV_Stick (wiki)


Oh, and "pay it forward" by posting negative reviews of that Craig Smart TV all over the web, and tip them to buy a device with NEON support!

Begin by porting tips and negative reviews on these pages to start with:
(2015-02-06, 15:15)Hedda Wrote: [ -> ]However suggest that you sell it and buy a other cheap device that does actually support NEON, like the top-selling Amazon Fire TV Stick

No-brainer Wink
Just dump the craiglist thingy, accept the loss and buy an AFTV stick.