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Full Version: 4.3.9 Set up
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I have played around with Tvheadend once before when I was using a Rpi underpowered etc I now have my setup running on an ASUS cromebox and thought I would give it another bash.

However the setup guide no longer marries up with the current version of the software Confused

If reached this point and am now stuck as the guide now becomes out of sync


Can anyone offer guidance for the next steps Im at a loss
You have adapters. Adapters are associated with networks, which have carrier frequencies (muxes) containing individual streams (services). Your PVR client then locks onto those services through channels.

So, broadly:

1. Define a network and type (it'll be DVB-T by the look of your tuners) - the next tab along

2. Add muxes to that network (either from the predefined list or else look them up based on your local transmitter). You shouldn't need to add all of them, as network discovery should find them once it's 'seeded', but it's no harm to pop them in if you have to add things manually - the next tab in sequence.

3. Associate the network with the tuner - the tab you're showing above.

4. Scan for services and map them to channels (use the predefined bouquets if appropriate/desired)
Legend got it sorted now is it possible for me to update the wiki?
Only certain folks have change access to the documentation - it's not a true wiki page in that sense. There are a few folks on #hts on IRC Freenode who can update it, though, so I'm sure they'd be happy to add some content if you want to offer some changes.