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Full Version: Crash while playing any media
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When my Kodi installation plays media, the computer crashes sooner or later. It happens when playing DVD, audio CD, AVI file or Pulsar stream. It does not crash at an exact time, but unpredictable, between 10 minutes and 10 hours. It does never crash when no media is played. The whole computer crashes: for example, also I cannot connect with Putty to the machine. When the screen is frozen, the memory and CPU usage figures look normal, as shown when debug log is enabled. When I look in the debug log, the last log lines differ each crash. It happened with Kodi 14.0 and 14.1.

I have OpenElec 5.0.1 with Linux x86 64-bit and Kodi 14.1. I use samba, SSH, Pulsar add-on and Yatse remote app.... nothing more. The computer processor is a Intel Celeron with Intel video and audio chips. You can download a debug log (from boot till crash) here:
http://www.rezept.nl/kodi.log.txt (89kb)

What can it be? Which steps could I take? Thanks for any help!
This is known.

It's an upstream kernel bug.

Got to your Bios and set the Max Cstate Value to C1. It has issues when it enters C6 state. Intel is informed.
Fritsch, thank you very much for your help! It seems to be solved now indeed.

Although this is not a problem of Kodi, let's hope that many Kodi users will find this solution with the search engines.
Carefully watch the temperatures! As this disables cpu powersaving (e.g. disabling parts of the cpu when they are not needed).