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Full Version: Just want to add Pandora to Music Add ons
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This seems so basic but I must be doing something wrong. I am using the SiO2 Skin and I have Pandora as a music enabled add on. From the add on manager, I can run Pandora. However, if I go to the music add-ons submenu (under add-ons) , there is nothing to select. If I select video add-ons, then I see all of the video addons (and at least one music addons under the video addons).

I just want to add pandora as a favorite so that I can have it available as a top menu selection. I can't do that from the add on manager.

Also, I would like to be able to do that with the other music addons, but I would have the same problem with them.
I found that Pandora was under Scripts vs Music or Video Addons and was able to add this app via Scripts.