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Full Version: No movie artwork scraping?
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Sorry if this has been asked; I searched and couldn't find a similar problem

I'm running android 4.4 on a Tronsmart Draco. It originally came with Gotham installed; I used that without a hitch since December. Updated last month to Helix 14.0 and all was fine. Recently updated my video library and noticed 3-4 movies wouldn't grab posters or fanart. Updated to 14.1- same problem. I've done all of the following, without success:
1. Removed movies that couldn't get art and updated library- no difference
2. Rescanned library with TMDB instead of Universal Movie Scraper- no difference
3. Deleted metahandler, restarted- no difference
3. Cleared Kodi's cache, data, uninstalled, reinstalled- no difference, no artwork for any movie now
4. Went back to Gotham- nope
5. Factory reset Draco (needed to do it anyway), installed Kodi- nope
I've also noticed that my userdata folder is usually empty, for some reason. I've read that some scrapers migrate to new servers and Kodi can't pull the artwork from the old URLS when they do so, but I'm not sure how to redirect it, if that's the case.

Any help and future guidance to avoid this is greatly appreciated