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Full Version: Quartz for Kodi
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Is there an official release of Quartz for Kodi? If not is there a plan for it to be fully ported?
Yes there is.
Sorry if I was being obtuse. The search I did found a thread that mentioned there was a quartz skin but the last post in that thread has some display issues. I didn't see a follow-up. Is the skin released with the current GA release of kodi or do we find it someplace else?
You are making fun of me, right? There are stickied threads just above this one. Hint: Quartz for helix
Sorry - I didn't realize that Helix was Kodi. My bad. I'm running Kodi on one atv2 and XBMC Helix on another and I thought they were discrete releases. My apologies.
It can be confusing. Never understood why Numbers where not sufficient - xbmc 12.2 , KODI 13 etc