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Full Version: Missing MCERemote Add-on for Kodi 14 on Ubuntu
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I have fresh install of Ubuntu and Kodi 14 on a brand new PC with nothing else on it. Kodi works but I cannot use my Microsoft remote control as I don't have MCERemote add-on in Kodi repository. All was working on Windows XP and xbmc 12. Interestinly enough, I have found some references on missing add-on in Windows but could not find anything on Missing MCERemote in Kodi for Linux!
Has anyone had the same issue and what further info I would need to provide for someone to be able to help me with this?


NOTE: Feb. 10, 2015: PLEASE DISREGARD the question ! I got this all wrong! I should have done a better job researching the issue before posting the question! Sorry!
How can I disregard the question? I'm looking for this add-on, it's not here (kodi on Raspbian), so I'd have to say you have a point...
I'm dealing with the same thing. If you ever find out what to do, posting the solution would be rather helpful.
me too , just change from windows os running kodi too kodi Ubuntu 14 lts and there is no mce remote addon in the kodi repository. on the plus side I am getting more exercise walking across the room to my keyboard and mouse then back to watch a movie....
pls ubuntu devs develope a mce remote addon and make me fat again