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Full Version: Zotac ZBOX ID-18 + OpenELEC+ Nas=playing of video using networ
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Dear all,

I have following items Zotac ZBOX ID-18 with ssd, 2 GB of RAM and OpenELEC 5.0.1 + Nas.
I have faced with the problem by playing of video using network. Most of files cannot play.
But if I use internal ssd (ZBOX), the video is playing very well. The videos neither 1.5 GB nor 50 GB won't play.
Your advice would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,
Start with a Debug Log and tell us something about your network.
Can you play any videos from the network?
Which protocol do you use? SMB, NFS?
do you have r/w writes to the share?