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Full Version: Ubuntu or Windows for AMD A8-7600 with R7?
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My dilemna:

I just got a new AMD A8-7600 with integrated R7 graphics PC. Comes with Windows 8.1 pre-install ... I hate it! I installed Kodi 14.1 on it and I can't use HW acceleration without having to install a dozen 'unofficial' software bits including an unofficial version of Kodi with DSPlayer integrated (which needs AV-Splitters and LAV filters apps to be installed and configured and fiddle with playercorefactory etc ... what a mess!).

My question is: Do any of you out there have issues with the latest AMD offerings to run HW acceleration in Kodi under Linux/Ubuntu OS? Should I stick to Windows and DSPlayer or move across to Ubuntu (I have 4 other Kodi installs under Ubuntu in my house ... but none are AMD)? Do the current AMD graphics/sound drivers under Linux support all the video/sound codecs that Windows based drivers do (DXVA2 etc supported under Windows).
Boot OpenELEC from USB stick and have a look.

It uses VDPAU on linux.
I use OpenELEC w/ AMD (oldschool 6800) and have never had any problems. For me, OpenELEC runs "out of the box", but, your limited in what add-ons or tweaks you can do as there is no "software center" or APT-INSTALL like on other Linux distros.

KodiBuntu or Mythbuntu...now that's a different story, I can't get either of them to boot after successful installation. I'll be experimenting with these this weekend.

Hope this helps.

I'm really sold on Linux, takes up less than a quarter of disk space compared to Windows and it's been really stable for me. I run OpenELEC on HTPC and Mint17 Mate on desktop/laptop and have never had any problems with either.

In my experience (not much) sometimes there is quircky sound or video problems with Linux, but usually easily and quickly resolved (by knowledgeable people on here of course)
Thank you gents! I thought I would give Kodi on Windows a go but yes agree this solution is not 'optimal' and I shouild stick to what I know best Smile

I have Kodi installed on two Android units (one tablet and one 'media player') and happy with these, not doing anything fancy with them. I also have four other PCs (all Intel based) running Kodi and XBMC Gotham under full Ubuntu installs and I'm very happy with them. The XBMC PC is equipped with a quad tuner TV card and the MythTV backend and it is just 'magic' Smile ! ... just waiting for Aeon MQ6 to upgrade it to Kodi Smile. The new PC I picked up from Aldi (a great bargain for 499 AUD... I have another 2 Aldi-Medion PCs which have been running for years very reliably, one of them about 15 years old and still going great guns under Ubuntu Smile !!!) ... but it is AMD which I know have superior graphics performance over Intel but they also have quite poor video/graphics drivers, so this is why I asked the 'AMD community' if they've had any issues with AMD drivers under Ubuntu before I switch over from Windows ... which is what I will do it seems as I agree with you, all my Ubuntu installs run very efficiently, perform better and are more reliable than Windows Smile ! But yes, I should try the 'Kodi-on-a-stick' suggestion first just to make sure the AMD drivers are OK :Wink
Ubuntu and KODI - a match made in heaven!