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Full Version: Ran autotune after initial setup - lost all but 2 channels
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Hi All, newer user of XBMC\Kodi here and I have done some digging in the forums before posting (not saying I still didn't miss the exciting answer somewhere) but I'm really struggling with an issue i'm having with PseudoTV Live on Gotham XBMC.

After the initial setup, I have it do the autotune when it promps me asking if I want it to. Usually all goes well and I end up with like 80 channels (All seem to be Youtube and maybe community channels.) which is great! So then after some reading I realized that I could tie in USTVNow (Adding some live options of course!) and so after reading that I can go into the config of PTVL and go into the autotune area (Which it warned me about removing the current setup....) and I then checked USTVNow (After entering my creds into the program directly) and then checked all the other things I had (Youtube, Local Content, etc) and I then load up the app.

It shows it's gathering info, goes through adding channels it says, gets up to just over 100 and it finishes and then starts to stream the first USTVNow channel. I think to myself GREAT!!!! But when hitting the enter key to bring up the guide..... All I have is about 20ish channels that all seem to be USTVNow and then 2 youtube channels that say STACKED in the titles and some Halloween channel.....

What happenedHuh I go into Channel settings in the app and I can see there are again over 100 channels setup, but only so many are showing in the guide? I was able to break this again on the separate install of Kodi helix I had on another machine. Had it working, went into autotune, broke it by doing the exact same thing.

I have read remove the settings2.xml file...... Did that.... It rebuilt, showed lots being added, still only shows 2 channels now!!! GRRRR!!!! I've uninstalled the apps, reinstalled them, same results now. I did delete the plugin folders, reinstall, but then it says dependencies on the gotham device aren't met to reinstall PTVL......

I'm asking the community for help, I've exhausted all the resources I have (I'm an IT guy, not a programmer so I have limited expertise in that area..... meaning not so much experience.....) and I would love to understand why this is happening and how to get it back the way it was. If some file dumps are needed, please give instruction how to dump them for you and I'll gladly gather them. I'm in the middle of moving to a new home so it might take some hours before I get back.

Thanks everyone for your time on this!! XBMC\Kodi is a great product and I want to be along for the ride it will take us all on! Big Grin

PS: This is running on Windows 7 x64