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Full Version: EPG and charset
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I would like to to have an EPG which have at least all channel information for the next 7 days.
Did someone of you know how I could tell TVHeadend to do that?
Actually I have some channels where I could just see the next 2-3 hours.
I watch german tv (hd+ & sky). I don't want tot use commercial offers.

In addition to that I would like to now, which charset I have to set in TVHeadend for german language?
Actual my Network (Astra 19.2E) has set 'Charset' AUTO.

Thanks in advance.
Hi hegg,

1. EPG
You can try to use WebGrab+Plus to create your EPG xmltv-file and then import into tvheadend.

b) EIT
If you use OTA EPG (EIT DVB Grabber for german channels), you have 4-21 days of EPG (depends on the channel).
You can disable/delete all unused muxes in tvheadend for faster EPG scan.

If you want to disable or delete unused muxes do the following things in tvheadend:
Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Networks -> select your network (e.g. 19.2E.. -> Edit -> uncheck "Network Discovery"
Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Muxes -> select all unused muxes (see column "# channel", if its "0", you do not have a channel mapped from this mux, you can sort the list) -> delete or uncheck "enabled" for each unused mux.

If you want to add new channels again, enable "Network Discovery" wait a little bit for scanning, map your new channels.

2. charset
Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Networks -> select your network (e.g. 19.2E.. -> Edit -> Character Set: ISO-8859-15

First of all, thanks!

a) Already tried xml_tv via cli. There a just a few channels, so I did not followed up this.
Is there the possibility to automate the xml_tv dump from WebGrab+Plus

b) Are theese settings for EIT correct?
Thanks for the tip with the not needed muxes. I disabled them. Hoping EPG update will do faster now.
I did click Trigger EIT OTA Update.
Now I see a lot of those messages into syslog:

Feb 11 21:11:13 kodi tvheadend[1440]: mpegts: 11797.5H in Astra 19.2 - scan no data, failed
Feb 11 21:11:33 kodi tvheadend[1440]: subscription: 001B: mux data timeout for epggrab
Feb 11 21:11:33 kodi tvheadend[1440]: subscription: 001B: "epggrab" unsubscribing
Feb 11 21:11:34 kodi tvheadend[1440]: mpegts: 11464.25H in Astra 19.2 - tuning on STV090x Multistandard : DVB-S #0 (oben)
Feb 11 21:11:34 kodi tvheadend[1440]: subscription: 001C: "epggrab" subscribing to mux, weight: 4, adapter: "STV090x Multistandard : DVB-S #0 (oben)", network: "Astra 19.2", mux: "11464.25H", hostname: "<N/A>", username: "<N/A>", client: "<N/A>"

Thanks, will try if that works.