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Full Version: Suggestion: "Share this" to Social Network [Facebook]
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Hi @ all,

hope someone else is missing also a social share button inside kodi?! From my point of view this could help Kodi to get a better publicity outside in Social Networks?! ... and we all know that some of us would telling her "friends" what he is watching /or listening on kodi ... "I am listening to "Roxanna" from "The Police" on my Kodi Home Entertainment . while extracting the Cover art and bringing it to FB Graph for example

So my Question is: Is any Developer interested to develop this addon? Could this be done with this here? https://facebook-sdk.readthedocs.org .. ? So - if was a developer it was already here.

Why not spend donations to a developer who is willing to code this?


And please: this has nothing to do with trakt.tv. Just a share "Content" Button ... for Movies-Episodes-Music-LiveTV and maybe TV Guide (from plot) ..

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions & considerations