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Full Version: Confluence in 21:9 ultra wide display
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Hi people,

Ever since I got a 21:9 ultrawide monitor in front of me, I knew that Kodi should have a 21:9 skin as well. Sadly, none of the other current Helix skins have support for ultrawide screens. So there is only one solution: do it yourself, which resulted in this topic. These are my first steps on the subject of skinning, so bear with me. Big Grin

I have made a copy of all Confluence files (Helix 14.1, compiled 30 Jan 2015), and renamed it to Konfluence for now.
The default '720p' subfolder has been renamed to '21x9'

I adjusted part of the addon.xml file's default setting to this:
PHP Code:
res width="2560" height="1080" aspect="21:9" default="true" folder="21x9" />

Furthermore, I have replaced all possible 1280x720 setting combinations in all the xml files with 2560x1080 settings, plus a few additional minor tweaks. And so, this is the current status:


My initial list of questions is as follows:

1- How to get the main menu bar to stretch fully to the right side of the screen
2- How to center all main menu items on the main bar, and also to stretch the items' widths a bit (due to space requirements when using other languages)
3- How to center the The top movie & tv show thumbnails to the width of the screen.
4- How to get all top movie & tv show thumbnails on display in one go, meaning all 8 thumbs without having to scroll
5- How to have all video addon shortcuts centered to the width of the screen (can I add/user more than 5 shortcuts?)

All secondary screens seem to work fine for now, although they are not optimized for the new screen size just yet.

So, can anyone help me out here? Confused
It's more of what you've been doing eg: playing with all the <width>*****</width> tags. I'd suggest starting at the top of home.xml and work your way down looking into all the <include>*****</include> tags as you go along - It's a big job Wink
I already had a feeling it would be something like that. I just wondered if the main menu bar isn't a graphic with a fixed 1300px or so width, since that would complicate things a little bit.

So the main menu bar layout is only part of home.xml? Not something else as well?
Okay, deep breaths then. :-)
Hi Klojum,

I'm interested in trying this out if you're still working on it, is it available to download from somewhere ... also what hardware is your Kodi installed on?