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Full Version: Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
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Hi again,

Will you be trying to fix out-of-sync 24p as well? I suppose the update to DX11 may change something regarding the audio/video rendering.
I don't know what you mean exactly. Can you explain? The update to dx11 doesn't touch audio engine and video decoding in general. This is only rendering system update. Something changed to the best, something not. You can test this build and check is out-of-sync 24p issue exists or not.
Sure. Main topic is located here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=80247&page=44 . Briefly summarized, when you play content with a framerate of 23,964fps and enable 24p on your tv for smoother playback, then audio is out of sync with the video.

I tried the feb20 version and found that when sync refresh rate of video to tv, then audio is ~ 180ms ahead of the video. So apparently this does not fix it. Anyways I just hoped that something might have changed Smile

I had a crash yesterday after playing 3h of music with UPNP with screen off. Unfortunately Kodi wasn't in debug mode. Is it possible to get anything from this?

23:59:23 T:3688 ERROR: CD3DTexture::SaveTexture - Failed to store resource.
23:59:25 T:3688 ERROR: Previous line repeats 9 times.
23:59:25 T:3688 ERROR: CApplication::Render(), too many exceptions

Logfile: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3507224/kodi.log
Crashfile: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3507...235925.dmp

Random files:

First of all please use the latest version March 20. The version (Ferbrary 27) which you using has a bug with resurection on device lost or changing. Secondly, this error occurs if the video card has been physically removed from the system or internal driver error has occured which caused restarting driver or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred.

I suggest to you update your Kodi to the latest version and try to reproduce an issue.

Thank you for feedback.
New build:

  • [visualization] Vortex visualization has been ported to DirectX 11.
  • Rebased to current master to include fixes, improvements and bugs Big Grin of course

Download link at the first post.
@ironic_monkey, sure. I know about new build system.
Sure. Not really about the buildsystem but the fact that it is in a separate repo so you cannot (directly) reuse helpers et al..
Which helpers? All what I need I will add to the project and don't use any classes from other projects.
Didnt look at the code but that was the reason for the heads u, not the trivial bit (cmake) was all. I imagine there is the possibility of being tempted to share shaders and such.
New build:

  • [visualization] MilkDrop visualization has been ported to DirectX 11.
  • Rebased to current master to include fixes and improvements.

Download link at the first post.
while youre at it might as well add in x64 support for kodi as well if possible , since this has been a long time coming
Kodi depends on many libs and main problem to support x64 by Kodi is what not all libs have a x64 version. For DirectX there is no difference between x86 and x64
Just wanted to say that MilkDrop works perfectly