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Full Version: Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
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Just chiming in to say what Shine is proposing is actually a very popular and useful item. People have been asking for this for years.

My situation: Intel graphics running primary screen, where work happens, and Kodi uses Nvidia 610 to connect to second screen (TV) via HDMI.

I would love to be able to run the second screen in full screen mode to gain the appropriate hardware accelerations which aren't otherwise possible in windowed mode.
(2015-06-28, 20:27)afedchin Wrote: [ -> ]@Shine I'll take a look. But always on top for full screen mode sounds strange. This mode is already top most.
"Always on top" means it stays topmost, it won't minimize the instant you try to do anything else with your computer, or if e.g. another program pops up a message box.
Yes, people have been asking for this for years, but it wasn't possible in D3D9 - with DX11 it's possible.
I've tested the 21 june version of KodiDX11, and have a critical display issue.
I've noticed a lot of stutering on a file, when i pressed 'O' to display information at around 9mn, i've noticed than display was at around 11fps, dropped (or skipped) frames was at more than 5000 and increased constantly (5000 at 9mn mean at least around 9 frames/s dropped or skipped).
I've installed the last nightly, replay the same file, checked, no frame dropped or skipped, and display was at 23.976.
I'll try to make one this evening, re-installing DX11 version. I thought it may be a "know problem", because i think i've allready seen similar issue on the forum, but i also may be mistaking.
Are you interested by the file ? If yes, this evening i'll PM you a way to get it.
It would helpful.
You have the log of the DX11 version here.
You have the log of the nightly here.
I've noticed a very higher cpu load with the dx11 version also.
Hope it will be usefull.
I was not be able to reproduce an issue with current dx11 branch. Perhaps the issue already fixed. Please stay tuned and wait next release to test it.
I've been trying out 15.0-rc1 git:20150621-195dc32 as I'm excited to see any progress at all on the 3D front. I've tried it on 2 machines:

Desktop PC
core i7 3770k
Nvidia GTX 980 (driver 353.38)
Win 8.1 Pro x64
Connected to a Samsung UEH557000

Intel NUC D34010WYK
Intel HD 4600 (driver
Win 8.1 Enterprise x64
Connected to a Samsung UE46D7000

3DTV Play is obviously installed and activated on the Desktop PC and both have the Steroscopic options enabled in Display Properties. Neither will actually output 3D properly though.

The desktop comes closest to working - Kodi switches the TV to 3D mode when starting a 3D ISO or MKV but the right eye is stuttering and flashing like crazy, left eye is fine. That's in true full screen, in windowed full screen there's no corruption in the right eye but both eyes are simply showing the left eye image so although the TV is in 3D mode, the image is completely flat.

I can't get the NUC to switch to 3D mode at all. Forcing Hardware 3D in the Kodi menus switches to 3D correctly but as soon as a 3D movie is started, it switches back to 2D mode. No amount of switching between true and windowed full screen changed this. Both machines play 3D back fine using Stereoscopic Player and both switch to 3D correctly in applications/games that support it natively e.g. Tomb Raider (2013).

Here are debug logs off each machine, in both cases I launch Kodi, browse to Movies and start playback of a 3D movie:

3D ISO and MKV which contain video encoded by MVC H.264/AVC (standart of Blu-ray 3D) is not supported by FFmpeg and hence Kodi. Try SBS/TAB video files.
Afedchin, could you create a Isengard branch with dx11?
Master is open now so any time you're ready for merge Smile
New build Jule 03
  • A small optimization of PS rendering.
  • Enable HQ scallers with DXVA by default.
  • Rebased onto Isengard-RC1

Download link at the first post.
Is there someway to stress test the DX11 features other than trying to play a 3D movie?

I'm keen to help with getting any bugs sorted out. Currently running Win 7 Home with plans to upgrade to 10 at the end of month, if that makes any difference.
i thought dx 11 version would work on win10 preview, still with no sucess
is there anyone using kodi dx11 on win 10 ?
Post your Debug Log .... it's not generic failure but a personal one with your hardware ...