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Full Version: Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
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It may not be new, but it's a major issue that needs a fix
(2015-08-08, 23:55)dml3334 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi.

I've been using the Isengard DX11 version of 23th of July and 7th of August, and in both of them I have a huge problem of tearing...

My setup:

AMD E2-1800 APU
AMD Radeon HD 7340 1280x720 @ 60Hz
Windows 7 64 bits
1 single monitor: Samsung HD-Ready TV
Catalyst driver 14.2

My video output settings:
Display Mode: Full Screen #1
Resolution 1280 x 720p
Use fullscreen window
3D Disabled
Vertical blank sync -> Always enabled
Used limited colour range (16-235)

Render method: Autodetect
HQ scalers: 0%
Allow DXVA2

However, with Helix 14.2, Isengard DX9 15.0 and 15.1, with the same video settings, I have no tearing at all.

If you need any debug log or whatever else, please let me know.

Thanks and awesome work with DX11!

Hi, here is a kodi.log for Kodi 15.1 DX 11 of 16th of August (KodiSetup-20150816-493e000-dx11_Isengard.exe). I played a video and there was an awful tearing in the middle of the screen every time the camera was moving.

Kodi 15.1 DX11 log

However, the same Kodi 15.1 DX 9, without any change in settings, just overwriting the DX 11 installation, works perfectly.

Maybe, you have a similar issue than mine.
Can you display the info settings, and see if the skip counter increase abnormaly.
You can see what i mean in post #353.

If yes, you have the same issue than mine. Unfortunately, you have AMD and i have nVidia, so, i don't know how AMD drivers work, but in the nVidia, i've been able to fix the issue by changing the power setting from automatic to full performance.
Unfortunately, afedchin didn't find out why. If i'm not alone having this kind of issue, it may be very troublesome when public released.

If no, it's something else, in that case, i can't help you more.
Please try this build KodiSetup-20150821 (+pdb)

Make sure what you enabled vsync in AMD Catalyst Control Center or vsync is Unless application specifies

This happens because Power Managment System made a wrong decision about required GPU power. This is a driver issue.
Many thanks, I'll try that build as soon as I get back from my travels

menu brightness (with kodi limited range option enabled) looks like in regular dx9 builds.
however menu got very choppy compared to 0816 build.

this test build is just 0816 + limited range fix? or everything else in between?
yes, this build is just 0816 + limited range fix + rotated font fix and nothing else. Can you provide a screenshot? I didn't understand what you mean
i mean that the menu brightness is correct with 0821 test build, but it renders at a much lower framerate than 0816.

i went through the code on your github and can't really imagine why lerp would slow down everything so much.
(2015-08-21, 13:53)afedchin Wrote: [ -> ]@dml3334
Make sure what you enabled vsync in AMD Catalyst Control Center or vsync is Unless application specifies


I have just tried in the AMD Catalyst Control Center:

- In Video Playback -> Enforce Smooth Video Playback
- In "Gaming - 3D Application Settings" ->Wait for Vertical Refresh: "Always on" and "On, unless application specifies". OpenGL Triple Buffering: "On".

In Kodi, I selected "Adjust Display Refresh Rate": On start/stop and "Sync playback to display": On and Off.

But, the tearing still appears.If I press "O" when I have selected "Sync Playback to display", the counter "missing" increases several times per second...
How did you control frame rate? Your HD4400 is more than enough to render anything in Kodi. I have not any issues with rendering in Kodi on my HD4600 which is similar to yours.

Disable any enhancements in Video Playback section of AMD CCC. And decide what you want to using "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" or "Sync playback to display". Both this settings are mutually exclusive
it was pretty obvious just by looking at it. the menu stuttered.

btw which drivers are you using? are you perhaps on a nuc platform?
@dml3334: i would turn off "Enforce Smooth Video Playback" in ati ccc.
"Just by looking" is not enough. Are you sure what there were no other procceses which may cause high CPU load?

I'm using driver for win10 and it's my main desktop PC. I also have HTPC with HD4000 and it also has no issues.
yes, there were no other processes and i am able to reproduce this behavior everytime i try.
however i am beginning to suspect that i am limited by using only 1 stick of memory in my nuc (which means igp memory bandwidth is effectively halved).
(2015-08-21, 13:53)afedchin Wrote: [ -> ]@MadScientist
Please try this build KodiSetup-20150821 (+pdb)

Thanks for this build. The difference between the menu and video brightness has been reduced so it is an improvement. The video brightness level however is still significantly higher than the DX9 build (e.g. 15.1). In my setup, a Kodi HTPC and Oppo BR player both feed through a Lumagen video processor and on to the display via a single HDMI input. For Kodi (DX9), the display brightness level can be set at an identical level to that required by the Oppo player to give the correct black level calibration. For the DX11 build there is a big difference between the brightness level compared to the Oppo. (Kodi DX11 requires the brightness to be reduced). I could work around this by introducing a correction in the Lumagen but I wondered why the Dx9 and DX11 builds should be so different with respect to their video brightness levels?