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Full Version: Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
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afedchin Wrote:1. Driver full + Kodi full
2. Driver full + Kodi limited
3. Driver limited + Kodi full
4. Driver limited + Kodi limited.

1. clipping
2. right levels (bar 7 and up flashing)
3. clipping
4. clipping

Just as it was with previous versions of Kodi.

Note that I'm unable to change blacklevels on my tv-set, it's always 16-235.
i have seen you pr:
[win32] A set of DX fixes for windows. #9624
whitch includes
"[dxva] revert back pre-Jarvis dxva color range handling"

i have tested kodi 17 nightly from today. i get exactly the same (wrong) color range as with kodi 16 final. i thought this pr will revert back the color range handling to the "old methode", means up to kodi 16 beta 4 (whitch is working for me)?
It's same as in test build posted early in the thread,
ok, i updated over a previous /older kodi 17. i will make a clean uninstall/ install and will test these more properly. i will report here the next days. thanks!
just tested the nightly from today and i made a clean install. all is working fine now. thanks for your patience Smile and for supporting windows platform
(2016-03-21, 02:46)edrikk Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-09-01, 17:02)Shine Wrote: [ -> ]Here's an always-on-top build based on Isengard-3d763c9 (20150831) and DX11-0a71ba7 (20150827). Untested because I'm at work right now...

Known issue: Kodi might freeze when a competing always-on-top window pops up behind Kodi. As promised, I will PR once I find the time to work around this issue.

Edit: For those who didn't find it, Always-on-top is an option under System -> Video output. Default is disabled, so you have to enable it manually.

Hi @Shine,

Just wondering if you're still around, and what are the odds of a PR for this?
Would still LOVE to see this in Kodi...

Yes, I'm still around. I created my own thread to stop cluttering the DX11 thread: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=258640

Chances for a PR aren't very high right now, as I didn't manage to fully fix the issue mentioned. I can reclaim topmost, but after a few (successful) tries, DX will fall back to fake fullscreen mode regardless. I might need afedchin's help here, as I'm not a DirectX coder, but atm I'm quite busy with work and life, so I can't dedicate more time to Kodi than an occasional new build using my existing patches (links see my thread).

Please reply in my thread if you like to, and leave this thread to afedchin. Thanks for your support Smile
(2016-04-25, 20:32)Ed76 Wrote: [ -> ]@afedchin
just tested the nightly from today and i made a clean install. all is working fine now. thanks for your patience Smile and for supporting windows platform

Uh, just tried nightly 20160513-e43c168 and even with previous uninstall i'm still getting wrong black levels...
w7x64 with r9 280 in question.

From what I see, the commit that restores dxva handling is applied in the latest nightly, am I wrong?
@Ed76 Did the AMD card video levels fix make it into later versions? I have the exact problem you described, only in Krypton 17.4 and 17.6. Interestingly the defect is not present in Leia 18.2 (but there are issues with stuttering with DXVA on).