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Full Version: Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
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(2015-02-27, 19:23)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]If you can tell how, sure. Finding out seems a real bitch.
Run dxdiag. Then look at Driver Model in section Drivers at Display tab. I'm wrong and video rendering/decoding with DX11 requires WDDM1.1 drivers.

(2015-02-27, 19:27)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]The win7 computer with NIVIA GTX275 using the \ key for switching fullscreen mode switches my screen to a lower res.

CWinSystemWin32::SetFullScreen (windowed) on screen 0 with size 635x374, refresh 0.000000

Using new build from this morning
Hm. From the log file I can see what you switched from true full-screen ([email protected]) to windowed mode with windows size 635x374. Firstly, DXGI switches to windowed mode
18:26:23 T:3652   DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: backslash (0xf05c) pressed, action is ToggleFullScreen
18:26:23 T:3652   DEBUG: CRenderSystemDX::SetFullScreenInternal - Switching swap chain to windowed mode.
DXGI should restore native screen resolution (this is internal DXGI behavior). Then window is resized to requiested size
18:26:24 T:3652   DEBUG: CWinSystemWin32::ResizeInternal - resizing due to size change (0,0,1280,1024 fullscreen)->(366,191,1017,603)
Then resizes backbuffer to 635x374.
18:26:24 T:3652   DEBUG: CRenderSystemDX::CreateWindowSizeDependentResources - (Re)Create window size (635x374) dependent resources.
I've checked this part a few times and all works fine for me.
(2015-02-27, 20:10)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]it's WDDM 1.1 (Seems like that's almost standaard for Win7).
Hm.. It needs to investigation why on your GTX275 video device is not available.
Some screenshots for clarification

Normal windowed:

Put in fullscreen:
Detailed picture. See the horrible resolution:

Taking screenshot from within Kodi at same time looks normal:

Looking at my desktop resolution, this is set to 640x480
Please try to change resolution (while Kodi in fullscreen) in the settings to any other resolution, then choose No in the popup dialog.

I was able to reproduce issue.
(2015-02-27, 21:13)afedchin Wrote: [ -> ]@Martijn
Please try to change resolution (while Kodi in fullscreen) in the settings to any other resolution, then choose No in the popup dialog.

yes that works. However switching fullscreen again brings back the issue.
When starting from fullscreen it's also fine. The problem arises when switching towards fullscreen
Please, try the latest build at the mirror.
Tested the latest build and everything is still working.

Log: http://pastebin.com/Zbv4GXHs
Switching fullscreen is working fine again with the GTX275
Did some switching and resizing with video playing. Here's the log in case you wanted it.

Here's the one for the other PC. Just for information.
New build:

  • Fixed creation swap chain on some systems.
  • Changed TTF font texture processing.
  • Fixed resoulution changing when switching to fullscreen.

Download link in the first post.

Thanks for feedback. Still need to determine why your GTX275 doesn't create video device for dxva processing/decoding.
Do you have installed Platform Update for Windows 7?
I think i installed it now.

It's an optional package in Windows update so don't count on users having it installed without explicitly telling them to do.
Yea, now dxva processing/decoding works on your system.

Need to add Platform Update for Windows 7 in system requirements, and Update for Windows Vista (KB971512) also. I'll update OP
well it's not that user friendly imo to have common users find this out. Need to find a way to trigger user to get that installed. Also the linked page you gave contains dead links so it wasn't that helpful either.

Perhaps as installer option to show dialog that they need to check for optional packages.
I agree it is not user frendly. I think what installer should check for installed hotfix (it is possible with powershell command) and if not then will show message box and/or open an url to download hotfix. Or installer may download hotfix from MS site and run installation. What do you think?

I've checked several time the linked page and it works. downloading works also.
Let's think about it for later