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Full Version: Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
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These test builds could possibly be unstable. Proceed with caution and always backup (wiki) your settings!

What is this:
  • These are test builds for anyone who would like to help with testing the DirectX11 upgrade.
  • No new features have been added to this version beside the current development done in Kodi nightly builds.
  • Make sure you have the latest driver for your video card installed and the most recent DirectX version. See Microsoft website for more details
  • The fix for the webserver crashing has not been integrated in these builds. So don't ask for them.
The main aim of this thread is to help identify issue related to the DirectX11 upgrade and not meant for general problems.

How to help:

Please include in your post:
  • Say if this was also an issue in previous builds or not.
  • A full debug log (wiki) posted on xbmclogs.com or pastebin.com
  • Possible crashlogs uploaded for download. Make sure you have the correct .pdb file placed in the install folder
  • The build date (in the download URL or in system info on Kodi). Specify which one you tried.
  • Details about your system (OS, hardware specs, videocard, driver etc)
  • Steps needed to reproduce the issue (play a movie, go to a file list, use an add-on, etc)
  • The more details, the better.
  • You may also post that everything is working as expected so we known current state of this development. In this case also provide full info.

Where to download:
Specific DirectX11 test builds are listed below. Other files in the "test-builds" directory are unrelated to this testing.
Builds will be updated on regular bases. Make sure you always try the most current one listed below before reporting problems.

  • 15.2-DX11 Installer (12 November)
  • please also download the .pdb file here, rename it to Kodi.pdb and place it alongside the Kodi.exe inside the installation folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi). Re-download the correct file each time you are install another test build. This helps us to identify possible crashes.

Example post
  • Hardware: Windows 7 64bit, NVIDIA GT275, driver-version 340.52
  • Debug Log: pastebin.com/xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Crashlog: Dropbox lin
  • Description: Video problems while playing back VC-1 files. This did not happen while testing KodiSetup-20150213-1f521fb-master.exe
  • Screenshots: Dropbox link
  • How to reproduce: Playing back a VC-1 video file. I have provide a sample file for download.

Any irrelevant post will be removed without notice!

Stereoscopic 3D rendering:

Stereoscopic 3D rendering is only enabled on systems that have all the components that are stereoscopic 3D-capable. These components include 3D-capable display hardware, graphics hardware, peripherals, and software applications.

System requirements:

1. Windows 8 and later.
2. WDDM 1.2 video driver. (To check version of driver please run dxgiag on your PC and look at Driver Model at the Display section.)
3. DirectX 10 capable and higher video hardware.
4. 3D-capable display.

Also you need enable checkbox Stereo 3D settings for all supported displays in Screen Resolution control panel, as shown here:


Note for NVIDIA owners:

You have to install NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™ to be able to use hardware based stereoscopic 3D feature.


The changes are quite obvious. A full upgrade to the DirectX11 implementation and moving away from DirectX9 while keeping the backwards compatibility for past videocards and drivers to some extend.

November 12
  • New release with dx11 fixes from Jarvis based on 15.2 final release.

October 21
  • New release with dx11 fixes from Jarvis based on 15.2 final release.

September 19
  • Fixed possible crash on older GPUs which support only FL9.1 and Pixel Shader rendering method.
  • Fixed color range with DXVA renderer.
  • Fixed possible crash with Vortex visualization.
August 16
  • Fixed font blurry.
  • Rebased onto Isengard 15.1 branch.

August 07
  • Fixed displaying textures which is shown with reverse side.
  • Rebased onto Isengard 15.1 branch.

Jule 23
  • Fixed deintelacing on AMD cards.

Jule 22
  • Fixed issue where Kodi cannot start on GPU whose driver not exposes feature levels 9.x
  • Fixed crash during moving Kodi window between different adapters.
  • Rebased onto Isengard release

Jule 11
  • A tiny optimization of PS rendering.
  • Rebased onto Isengard-RC2

Jule 03
  • A small optimization of PS rendering.
  • Enable HQ scallers with DXVA by default.
  • Rebased onto Isengard-RC1

June 22
  • Fixed rendering with <algorithmdirtyregions> 1 and 2.
  • Fixed issue when Kodi's window can lose foreground state at startup.
  • Rebased onto master

June 14
  • Fixed build problem for visualisations
  • Rebased onto master

June 04
  • Fixed segfault on older GPUs.

June 02
  • Fixed segfault if movie file contains SSA/ASS subtitles.
  • Try to fix color space issue with dxva.
  • Rebased to current master to include fixes and improvements.

May 03
  • A few small fixes and improvements.
  • Rebased to current master to include fixes and improvements.

April 16
  • Reworked GUI shader to improve GUI performance.
  • Fixed possible crash when desktop is locked.
  • [visualization] MilkDrop2 visualization has been ported to DirectX 11. Here is link to download https://github.com/afedchin/Milkdrop2-XBMC/releases
  • Rebased to current master to include fixes and improvements

April 07
  • [visualization] MilkDrop visualization has been ported to DirectX 11.
  • Rebased to current master to include fixes and improvements.

March 31
  • [visualization] Vortex visualization has been ported to DirectX 11.
  • Rebased to current master to include fixes and improvements.

March 20
  • Fixed "freeze" GUI after switching off hardware based stereoscopic 3D mode in windowed mode. But there is a possibility what a display does not switch to 2D.
  • Fixed screen flickering in true full-screen mode during changing stereo mode.
  • A few little fixes.
  • Rebased to current master in order to include latest features and fixes.

March 15
  • Fixed hardware based Stereoscopic 3D mode.

March 13
  • Added supporting of hardware based Stereoscopic 3D.
  • Fixed visualisation addons to work with deferred rendering.

March 11
  • Added experimental deferred rendering which can improve performance on older GPUs.
  • A little improvement of GUI performance.
  • Rebased to the current branch to include latest changes.
Version notes:

If you have an issue with rendering with this version (March 11), please do the following:
1. Create or update advancedsettings.xml in %APPDATA%\Kodi\userdata folder with contents:
2. Restart Kodi.

February 27
  • Fixed creation swap chain on some systems.
  • Changed TTF font texture processing.
  • Fixed resoulution changing when switching to fullscreen.
February 26
  • Fixed resurrection on device changing.
  • GUIFontTTFDX: properly release buffers at destroying font.
February 25
  • Added workaround to fix dxva rendering on some systems.
  • Fixed overlay rendering.
  • Fixed GUI in anaglyph stereo mode.
  • Rebased to current master to include current fixes.
February 20
  • Try to solve dxva rendering on some systems.
  • Improve VideoSyncD3D to use less CPU time.
  • Remove DX9 from installation package.
February 19
  • Fixed PS/SW rendering with dxva decoding (i.e. forcedxvarenderer = false)
  • Removed dependency on d3d9_xx.dll. Now Kodi doesn't require DX9 installed.
  • Fixed VideoSyncD3D. now it uses DXGI functionality.
  • Fixed changing screen mode.
  • Rebased to current master to include current fixes.
February 16
  • Rebased to current master to include current fixes.
  • Fixed font disappearing issue. (Please confirm)
  • Fixed ffmpeg dxva decoding which was broken in previous build after rebase.
February 15
  • Fixed possible crash on exit.
February 14
  • Fixed possible crash on startup.

  • There is a possibility what a display does not switch to 2D after hardware based 3D in windowed mode.
Having a crash on startup "unable to create GUI"
  • Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit (6.3, Build 9600) with DirectX 11
  • Intel Core i5
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series and "latest" (beta) drivers (v8.970.100.1100)
  • my debug log
Please provide _debug_ log. your log file is not debug log.
(2015-02-13, 16:46)afedchin Wrote: [ -> ]@da-anda,
Please provide _debug_ log. your log file is not debug log.

Nice, just gave it a quick test.

Hardware: Windows 7 64bit, Intel® HD Graphics 2500 driver version
Debug Log: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=425408
- The kodi logo looks a little blurry.
- Main sub-menu fonts disappearing
- Mouse control slow

@afedchin - updated link to a real debug log now (once I figured which guisetting to manually change)
Thanks. The log file did not throw any light on the problem. In next version I'll add more debug messages.

P.S. For debug log level I prefer use as.xml

very strange. I've even launched Kodi successfully on my virtual machine with Win8.1 x64. Looks like driver issue. Can you try to disable ATI card and try launch with Intel HD GPU?
Tested it for a moment or two, enough to get the library imported and try watching a few videos. I have the home submenus missing, item's text vanish from the list same for things like settings. Can be fixed by exiting and entering fullscreen mode again. Couldn't get any the videos I tested to work though they had sound, they were streaming off a SMB share, h.264 format (what my library consists of). Took two logs though I'm not sure if it was recording to log after switching so i relaunched it and tested the videos again.

Put up the videos, logs, screenshots, and what not on my google drive (Will take down the videos in a few days for legal reasons):


log 1: http://pastebin.com/Z87eAgr6
log 2: http://pastebin.com/DfJrR0Mw

Windows 8.1 64-bit
Intel Core i5-4670K
AMD R9 270X - Driver version: 14.501.1003-141120a-178000C (14.12)
there is no IntelHD graphics in my laptop - only the ATI. And with ATI disabled and using Microsoft fallback driver I still have the same issue. Dxdiag shows me that DX11 is installed (it's shipped with Win8.1 anyways IIRC)
uploaded a new build where he added more debug info
just tried uninstalling the ATI driver and use the windows driver - same issue. Will test with the new build.

edit: lol, this build is starting up just fine. I did both times a full setup to ensure it installs all requirements. Really strange.

I found a bug:
  • with DXVA2 enabled (not there without DXVA2) in video OSD settings when you enable picture post processing the "contrast" setting is not working correctly. Contrast is only changed when the slider reached the maximum value - but no change in any value between (brightness is working correctly)
Please, check with this new build in debug log why first try of creating device has failed. I think this message should be in the log.

I think what DXVA2 Contrast issue depends on GPU. I've checked twice in the sources it should works. I also have checked on my htpc and it works fine.
Thanks for your feedback.
1) Can you try same with integrated GPU?
2) Try to disable dxva decoding and with various render methods. This need to determine a possible reason of issue.
@afedchin - here is the debug log from my now starting version. Hope the info you are looking for is in there.

Regarding DXVA2 - It's just odd that the setting in general is working, just not any value between low and high.