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Full Version: French "Media-Passion" scraper in TinyMediaManager ?
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Sorry I'm french, and as a lot of french my english is very bad. Confused

Thank you for this tool, very useful, but, for the french users, it could be nice to use the french scraper "media-passion".

Do you think you could contact media-passion.fr to have the API in your soft ?

To be exact, media-passion.fr is not just a scraper, but it's a french forum too, dedictaed to Kodi, and where your soft is proposed to the users ;-)


After that do you think it's possible to "connect" TMM with the database of Kodi to update it directly ?

Thank a lot and sorry if I'm not very "clear" in english... on media-passion.fr, Fortunately, there are people who speak better English than me
is already in planning.

For 2.7 we're reworking the whole scraper infrastructure to ease the implementation of more scrapers.
If everything works nicely together, we may find time to implement media-passion.fr too