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Full Version: Slow seeking during playback of recordings
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I use TvHeadend backend running on Raspberry Pi with Kodi as frontend. Everything works quite good, however when I play recordings through Kodi, I cannot seek in the recordings - it jumps for 30 seconds, then stops and it takes about 20 seconds to start playing again. In other files (which does not come from TvHeadend) seeking works perfectly.

In TvHeadend I use passthrough to a ts file.

How can this be fixed?
Might this help: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=214112

Try a newer version.
Does it work better if you play the recording as a regular file, not through the recordings section?
Playing as a normal file works perfectly. I followed the topic, compiled and installed the new version of pvr.tvh and it works perfectly! Thanks a lot!

However I still have a problem with LIRC remote - when TvHeadEnd is recording, it stops working...