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Full Version: EPG Swedish Characters
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I have Tvheadend installed as backend and 4 Kodi frontends.
I change from stable -> unstable 3.9.2497 in the backend.
Now EPG doesn't show my swedish character and time is lagging 1 hour.
In tab EPG Grabber I have only Over-the-air-grabbers 'EITBig GrinVB Grabber'
In tab General I have selected languages Swedish & English in that order.
When I ran stable version I didn't have this problem.
Appreciate any help ...
From this thread: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=218001

Quote:2. charset
Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Networks -> select your network (e.g. 19.2E.. -> Edit -> Character Set: ISO-8859-15

You can also configure here whether your EIT is using local time or UTC - it sounds like it's using CET and hence the 1 hour offset you're seeing.
Thanks - it worked